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Trinity Sunday: Rejoicing in Knowing Who God Is

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Holy Hour with the Sisters

MonstranceCome to the Holy Hour on Friday, June 16 in St Joseph Church. Exposition will be at 6pm. Confessions will be available during the Holy Hour. Sister Theo will be giving short inspirational talks as you contemplate God’s goodness. All are welcome to join in this adoration of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. It is a great time to get your peace in Christ on your way home from work. Continue reading

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Novena to the Holy Spirit Begins Today

We begin the Novena to the Holy Spirit asking for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Novena will be leading up to Pentecost Sunday, which is the day the Apostles were given the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit empowered the Apostles to preach the Good News, to heal physical ailments, to raise the dead and to baptize thousands into the Church Jesus founded.

The Holy Spirit has given Himself to all those who have been baptized. This novena is a great way to renew that gift in you. Ask Him to live in you anew.

A limited amount of Novena booklets are on the heat registers in St Joseph Church. Or you can go on this link for the Novena:

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Truth in Goodness and Beauty

Truth , goodness and beauty, they go together. Most young adults have an aversion to truth. They experience truth as an instrument to control, manipulation and evil. So how can we see truth as not just logical, but as a good and as something beautiful to behold. When we see Gods ways and laws as an act of love for us, we see it as something beautiful. We benefit from it and so experience it as good. God calls us to follow in His ways and in doing so, we experience His goodness towards us.

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The Bible and Our Catholic Understanding

Many people have questions about the Bible. Some are in depth and some are very basic. There are way too many questions about the Bible to deal with every question in bulletin articles. We hope to have more groups studying the Bible, but I will handle some of the basics. There are some resources also available. For more of the basics, I have ordered a small book called, Pocket Bible Guide, St Joseph Edition. If you want something more in depth, Scott Hahn offers his college courses for free on-line. The free course does not offer credits, but you do gain the knowledge. Otherwise, there are some books in the Daleiden room, in the basement of the St Joseph rectory, and the Lighthouse CDs are also available in the back of both churches. In presenting this information, I will assume that there is someone who has never even heard of the Bible, let alone seen one. Continue reading