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Mary, Mother of God

10:30am Mass (1.1.19):

8am Mass (1.1.19):

4pm Vigil Mass (12.31.18):

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Bible: Romans #5

In verses 18 through 20, we see how God created everything to reveal who He is and reflect His ways. In the things He created, we can derive that God exists, and furthermore, what is good and what is evil. God created things with a purpose and an order according to that purpose. We can discover that the eye has the purpose to help us see and the stomach helps us digest food to stay alive. God even gave us taste buds so that we may have pleasure in eating to inspire us to stay alive. If anything comes along that prevents or hinders the eye from seeing or the stomach from digesting, then that would be ‘an evil’ and unhealthy. But if medicine or some sort of assistance were to come along to help the eye see or the stomach to digest, then that would be ‘a good’ and healthy. It is just as much true with our bodies as it is with our souls. God created our bodies and souls not in a general way, but with detail, reason and purpose. Continue reading

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Living the Moral Life 45

The Church teaches that if we have mortal sin on our soul, then we are not to receive Holy Communion. The Code of Canon Law (Church law) states, “A person who is conscious of grave sin is not to celebrate Mass or receive the body of the Lord without previous sacramental confession unless there is a grave reason and there is no opportunity to confess; in this case the person is to remember the obligation to make an act of perfect contrition, which includes the resolution of confessing as soon as possible.” (CIC 916) Continue reading

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Conscience Vs Law : Fr B. Mullady

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Living the Moral Life 43

Now that we have gone over actions that are by nature bad and good (“Object” of the act), we can also see that there are some actions that are neutral. The classic example from St Thomas Aquinas is scratching a beard. Scratching a beard has no moral implication at all. However, there may be implications of morals when we look at the circumstances or intent. But we will get to that later. It seems humans get pretty crafty in their sins and St Thomas Aquinas knows just about every scenario humans have made up. Continue reading