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Pro Life Corner

(Presented by Stephenson County Right To Life)
The value of life has not changed, our culture has. We must turn from being a culture of death to one that values life. When life is not valued inside the womb, it will not be valued outside the womb. The violence on our streets and in the cities is proof of that statement.  

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End of Year Tax Information

All contributions you wish to deduct on your taxes for 2018 must follow the rules we received from the Diocese.

  • All checks and cash received in 2018 are included in your 2018 contributions.
  • Checks that are mailed MUST BE DATED 2018 AND POSTMARKED 2018 to be included in 2018.
  • If the postmark is 2019, the donation is recorded as 2019, no matter when the check is dated.

Our statements will be mailed out by January 31. You will receive a separate statement from the Diocese listing your Diocesan contributions.

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Christmas & New Year Mass Schedule

 Christmas Eve – Monday, December 24

  • 3:30pm – Choir Concert with Community Singing
  • 4:00pm – St Joseph Church – Fr. Barr

Christmas Day – Tuesday, December 25

  • 8:00am – St Mary Church – Fr. Barr
  • 10:30am – St Joseph Church – Fr. Barr
  • 1:00pm – St Mary Church (en Español) – Fr. Ricardo

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Are the Gospels a Myth?

One of the most common pronouncements by the atheists is that “Christianity is a myth.”
Are they right? Is Christianity a myth? Are the gospels myths?
In a sense the gospels function like a myth. However, most of the atheists making this comment do not seem to have a very knowledgeable understanding of myth and how it works. They don’t seem to understand the richness and the ambiguity of the term “myth.” When they say “myth” what they mean is “fairy tale.” Even the term “fairy tale” has far deeper and richer levels of meaning than they are aware of. They use…