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She Found Jesus in a New Age Temple

Sitting lotus style, inhaling the cool lake air and listening to the serene sounds of a flowing waterfall, Jess Echeverry sought to calm her spirit. She was on a journey to healing at the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple in Pacific Palisades, California. By 2006, Jess had experienced a certain amount of healing, but there was still a hole that hungered to be filled. …

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Northern Illinois Mobile Food Pantry

The Mobile Food Pantry truck will be at St Joseph Church on Wednesday, June 20th from 1:00 to 3:00pm. A parishioner of St Joseph has made this gift to our community. We need at least twenty volunteers to help unload and distribute the free groceries. Workers will need to check in at the breezeway before 12:45pm. If you can help, please call Mary Koppi at 815 232-4687.

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X Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario ciclo B 2018

Vivimos en tiempos en que lo femenino se ha convertido en tema de continuas reivindicaciones. Algunas veces esas mismas reivindicaciones parecen caer en mostrar lo peor a lo que puede llegar la mujer: exhibir su cuerpo como una cosa, volverse vulgar, ordinaria y con alguna frecuencia, blasfema. Continue reading

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Bible, Acts of the Apostles #20

Within a week after Paul was in the hands of the governor, Ananias was there to make accusations against Paul. He was held in Herod’s praetorium near Caesarea where the governor was. Paul’s accusers gave an eloquent presentation, but nothing of substance. They butter up the governor; they want to cover up their accusation of Paul. The judge, Felix, heard Paul and seemed to favor Paul somewhat. It seems Felix may have been a wise man, but not all pure. He never prosecuted Paul, but was hoping to get a bribe from him. His wife was Jewish, but there is no mention of how she reacted to Paul. Like Herod, who heard John the Baptist, Felix likes to listen to Paul, until Paul talks about God’s judgment. Paul ends up in jail there for two years until Felix dies. Continue reading

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Domingo V de Pascua ciclo B 2018

La viña que no se poda, se ahoga y termina por no dar buen fruto, sólo agrazones. Así nos pasa a las personas humanas: si no podamos nuestros brotes malos, nuestras malas inclinaciones, y si no resistimos con valentía las muchas tentaciones que nos da la vida, terminamos convertidos en personas espiritualmente secas, en simples esclavos de nuestras pasiones. Tenemos que podarnos corporalmente, en la comida y en la bebida, en el ejercicio y en el descanso, y tenemos que podarnos psicológica y espiritualmente, en pensamientos, palabras y obras. Somos sarmientos de la cepa que es Cristo y si no podamos todo lo que sea incompatible con Cristo, nos secamos espiritualmente y terminamos alejados de Dios. Para poder vivir en comunión con Cristo necesitamos purificar diariamente nuestro interior y comportarnos exteriormente de tal manera que nuestro comportamiento sea parecido al comportamiento de Cristo, salvando, naturalmente, las muchas distancias personales, de tiempo y espacio, que inevitablemente existirán siempre entre nosotros y Cristo. Podar, en este caso, significa lo mismo que purificar y sabemos que toda nuestra vida ha de ser un ejercicio continuado de purificación, porque venimos ya a este mundo con inclinaciones y tendencias originalmente malas y pecaminosas. En el evangelio se nos dice que intentemos ser perfectos como nuestro Padre celestial es perfecto, y sin un ejercicio continuado de poda y purificación, nunca podremos acercarnos a este ideal, porque no podremos dar fruto abundante de buenas obras. Continue reading

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The Agonizing Case of Alfie Evans

E. Christian Brugger
Editor’s Note: This is the first article in a new Register series called “Difficult Moral Questions.” Readers are invited to send questions to, putting “Difficult Moral Questions” in the subject line. Please identify your first name (or, if you prefer, a suitable pseudonym) and the state you live in (and country, if not the United States).

QUESTION: Concerning the Alfie Evans case, I have heard three terms used somewhat loosely: 1) People on both sides have spoken about Alfie’s “best interests.” 2) Opponents of care have said that continued treatment would imply “therapeutic obstinacy.” 3) Others have claimed that further care would constitute “overzealous treatment.” How do these terms apply to Alfie’s case?