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Bishop Malloy’s Letter about the new bill introduced in Springfield

This is the letter from Bishop Malloy from Sunday, March 3, 2019:

These are the bills Bishop Malloy is referring to in the state of Illinois: HB 2467 and HB 2495 Continue reading

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Genesis to Jesus Bible Study During Lent

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology is offering a FREE video Bible Study this coming Lent 2019 titled: Genesis to Jesus!
This program usually is not offered free, and it originates from St. Paul University Steubenville with Dr. Scott Hahn and multiple theologians. This study presents the whole sweep of salvation history, and helps you make sense of the Bible, literally.

If you have internet, you may register by contacting and have it streamed into your homes.

We will also be studying and discussing Genesis to Jesus during our Saturday morning bible study beginning on March 2 at 10:30am in the Holy Family Community Center. This will be led by Fr. Barr and Joanie Williams. Please feel free to join us as we journey through Lent together.

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New Mens Group

We are starting a new mens group here in Freeport. St Joseph Church will be hosting the new group on the first and third Wednsdays of the month. They will officially begin at 7pm, but the doors will be open by 6:30pm. It is a time for men in the community to support each other in the issues that men face today. … Continue reading

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Fish Dinner

FRIDAY, MARCH 22 • 5:30-7:30pm Holy Family Community Center
Serving: Fish, Potato, Coleslaw, Rolls, Beverage and Dessert
Cost: $10.00, Children 6-12 $7.00, 5 & Under Free Bring your friends and join us for some great food and fellowship! Proceeds will benefit St Mary Church.

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MRC Spaghetti Dinner 2019

IHM Sisters and the MRC Family wish to express their sincere gratitude to Father Barr and our beloved St Joseph-St Mary Parishes for all the support we received for our Mission. The Spaghetti Dinner was a huge success thanks to all of you. The desserts, and turning out in your numbers despite the biting cold, meant so much to us. We served about 475 dinners and netted over $1,000.00 in donations. Thank you for always being there for us. May the good Lord reward you abundantly. — Sister Theo

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Symbolism in the Church #7

At first glance, we can see that the high altar is a great castle. It symbolizes the great castle that the Father in Heaven has made a room for us to live in when it comes to the last days of our pilgrimage of life. It is a place where we find rest and all that is right and holy. Judging by this castle, it is a place where our Heavenly Father has quite the spread prepared for us. I wonder how much chocolate there will be? Continue reading

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II domingo de cuaresma ciclo C 2019

El segundo domingo de Cuaresma nos presenta la Transfiguración del Señor. Superada la prueba del desierto, Jesús asciende a lo alto de una montaña para orar. Es éste un lugar donde se produce el encuentro con la divinidad: “su rostro cambió, sus vestidos brillaban de blancos”. El rostro iluminado refleja la presencia de Dios. Algunos rostros dan a veces signos de esta iluminación, son como un reflejo de Dios. Son personas llenas de espiritualidad, que llevan a Dios dentro de sí y lo reflejan a los demás. Jesús no subió al monte solo. Le acompañan Pedro, Juan y Santiago, los mismos que están con él en el momento de la agonía en Getsemaní. Sólo aceptando la humillación de la cruz se puede llegar a la glorificación. En las dos ocasiones los apóstoles estaban “cargados de sueño”. Este sueño simboliza nuestra pobre condición humana aferrada a las cosas terrenas, e incapaz de ver nuestra condición gloriosa. Estamos ciegos ante la grandeza y la bondad de Dios, no nos damos cuenta de la inmensidad de su amor. Tenemos que despertar para poder ver la gloria de Dios, que es “nuestra luz y nuestra salvación” (Salmo Responsorial).  Continue reading

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Lent Almsgiving

This Lent our almsgiving offering will be given to
the Society of St Vincent de Paul. You will find
envelopes in the pews with a St Vincent de Paul
label. According to custom, you are asked to make a
sacrifice of eating one small meal in place of a large one
and place the difference of the cost in your almsgiving
offering. Please return your offering by Easter. The Society
of St Vincent de Paul operates with the generosity of YOU.
Thank you for your generosity.