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Protecting God’s Children Requirements

This article was published in the bulletin for the weekend of July 15-16.

The month of July starts the tightening of the belt in protecting God’s children in our diocese and throughout the United States. This is all part of the promise the bishops have made to the faithful for accountability, transparency and in making a difference in the safety of our children. The Bishops now ask us to do our part in making the Church the safest place on earth, as it should be. Continue reading

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The Bible: Lamentations and Baruch

The book of Lamentations is one of the shorter books of the Bible, five chapters long. It was written lamenting the fall of Jerusalem which happened in 587 BC. It was an eyewitness account of all the hardships Jerusalem and its remaining inhabitants suffered. They were decimated. Many times it accounts that they were merely skin and bones. So much were they starving that Mothers would cook their dead children to eat (Lam 2:20 & 4:10). This happened again as it is accounted after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD which was predicted by Jesus (Mt 24:2). Continue reading

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Citizens Coming Together in Solidarity

In light of the incidents of Racism and violence last weekend in Charlottesville, VA, a city-wide vigil is being organized for this coming Sunday.  The “Vigil Against Hate” will take place at Debate Square on 8/20/2017 beginning at 8:00.

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The Bible: Jeremiah

Jeremiah found his calling at least one hundred years after the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. There is a partial timeline in the entryway of both churches in color for you to look at. We also have ten black and white copies in the back of church for you to take home. It illustrates the split in the Davidic Kingdom, the kings, the prophets and the time the books are addressing. It also has information on who was the ruling power and other historical events that help you put things into perspective. Jeremiah is just before 600 BC, right before the three deportations. Continue reading

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XIX Domingo tiempo ordinario ciclo A 2017

Imaginamos a Jesús agotado físicamente después de haber saciado el hambre de la gente y de haberse despedido de todos. Los discípulos se han ido a pescar, pero El necesita retirarse a solas para orar. Si el mismo Jesús necesita orar, ¡cuánto más nosotros! La barca de los discípulos se deja llevar sin rumbo por el viento. Así es nuestra vida muchas veces: caminamos sin rumbo, arrastrados por nuestras pasiones, sin un objetivo fijo, sin fuerzas para enderezar nuestra vida. Pero Jesús acude en su ayuda caminando sobre las aguas. Es un signo de su divinidad y los discípulos se asustaron, “se turbaron” como María cuando recibió el anuncio del ángel ante el misterio de Dios que se le había revelado. Pedro y los doce quedaron turbados ante la verdad de Jesús que se estaba manifestando. Jesús les da ánimo, su identidad, “soy yo”, da confianza al hombre que se debate siempre en el temor, la angustia, la desesperación o el vacío. Continue reading