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El viernes santo el grupo juvenil de Santa María invita a todos a vivir el viacrucis en vivo en las calles alrededor de la Iglesia de Santa María. Iniciaremos a las 2:00 de la tarde en el estacionamiento frente a la Iglesia. Todos son bienvenidos.

El viernes Santo después del servicio de 7:00 pm tendremos la visitación de Jesús en la tumba en el sótano del salón parroquial hasta la media noche.

El domingo de Pascua tenemos la procesión con Jesús resucitado alrededor de la iglesia de Santa María, todos son bienvenidos. Inicia a las 12:45 pm en frente del convento.

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  • April 17 7:00pm Men’s Group
    Wednesday St Joseph Church
  • April 18 5:30pm Mass for Holy Thursday
    Holy Thursday St Joseph Church
    (Then Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until Midnight)
  • April 18 7:00pm Mass for Holy Thursday
    Holy Thursday St Mary Church (en Español)
    (Then Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until Midnight)
  • April 19 12:10am Veneration of the Cross
    Good Friday St Mary Church
  • April 19 2:00pm Living Stations of the Cross
    Good Friday St Mary Church
  • April 19 3:00pm Movie – Passion of the Christ
    Good Friday HFCC
  • April 19 7:00pm Veneration of the Cross
    Good Friday St Mary Church (en Español)
    Visitation of the Lord in the Tomb
    After 7:00pm Mass until Midnight in the HFCC Basement
  • April 20 5:30pm Easter Vigil Mass
    Holy Saturday St Joseph Church
  • April 20 7:00pm Easter Vigil Mass
    Holy Saturday St Mary Church (en Español)

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You are invited!

May 3-6, 2019 will be the next Light of the World Retreat at the Holy Family Community Center. Many of you have been waiting patiently for this event, and the date has finally been set.
This retreat is highly recommended and very effective in evangelization and renewal in our Parishes. If you are still on the fence in regards to attending, pray on it and your prayers will be answered. Watch
the bulletin for more details.

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Divine Mercy Sunday – April 28, 2019

Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday

What does Easter mean to you? For Christians, it means attending Mass and gathering with family for a special meal.
As we contemplate the Passion of Christ and all the pain and sufferings He experienced, He shows us His Resurrection, a New Life with the Father. His Resurrection was a witness to all who might not have believed He was the Son of God, as He proclaimed. Easter is a reminder, that through all of our pain and sufferings, there is new life in Christ. After every experience we encounter in life, there is always Resurrection.
And in Christ’s Resurrection, He showers us with His Love and Mercy. How loving is our Lord. He, who was abandoned by those closest to Him, humiliated, stripped down to nothing as He was beaten and bruised beyond our comprehension, and ultimately crucified. And yet, He returns to us in all His glory, offering mercy and forgiveness for the sins we have committed. That is Divine Mercy!
It is on this day, the Feast of Divine Mercy, that the Lord pours upon us His Unfathomable Mercy by washing away all of our sins completely, giving us a new beginning. Through this act of mercy, He also asks us to be merciful and forgiving to others, just as He has been to us. As He has loved us, we are to love our neighbors.
Divine Mercy Sunday is a continuation of Easter Sunday. It is putting those Baptismal vows into action by deepening our love for God and our neighbor through mercy and forgiveness.
The Heart of Jesus is always awaiting you with open arms. Join us on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 28, at the 3:00pm Mass, as we truly experience mercy and forgiveness in ways only possible through God.
The doors will open at 1:00 for Adoration and Reconciliation and the choir will sing the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 2:25pm.
Please be sure to go to Reconciliation before Divine Mercy Sunday.
Peace Be With You!

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We made it! I was thinking that if every day was a mile, we just ran 4o miles. Does it feel like a 40-mile spiritual run? Some of us may have a runner’s high while others are really glad it is over. Others may have cut through some side streets, yet still feel exhausted. Either way, I hope we all benefited. I hope nobody feels like they had spiritual rocks in their shoe. If you suffer that much from a spiritual exercise, don’t do it. Continue reading

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Domingo de Pascua ciclo C 2019

Ninguno de los discípulos y seguidores de Jesús fue testigo directo del momento de la resurrección. Las dos razones principales que aducían los apóstoles para fundamentar su fe en la Resurrección de Jesús eran la comprobación del sepulcro vacío y las apariciones del Resucitado a algunas de las personas que más le amaron mientras el Resucitado vivió aquí en la tierra. Ninguna de estas dos razones puede demostrar científicamente nuestra fe en la Resurrección, de acuerdo con las exigencias de la historia y de la ciencia empírica actual. Por eso, nuestra fe en la Resurrección es un dogma de fe, una verdad revelada, no una verdad empírica y científicamente demostrable. Continue reading

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Holy Thursday Collection

We ask you to please be generous to the Holy Thursday collection being taken for the needs of St Mary Parish, as we all know about the poverty of St Mary Church and all the struggles St Mary Parishioners have had to go through. We have all been blessed by the generosity of Jesus, especially as we contemplate this week of His suffering and death. We can only hope to respond with what meager gifts we give compared to His goodness.