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Events this Lent and Beyond 2017


  1. Stations of the Cross: Thursdays 7:30pm in Spanish at St Mary, Friday 12:10pm in English at St Mary, 5:30pm at St Joseph
  2. Confessions: Tuesday after the 8:00am Mass at St Mary, 4:30pm at St Joseph, Thursday 6:00pm at St Mary. Saturday after the 8:00am Mass at St Joseph, 3:00pm at St Mary, and 4:30pm at St Joseph
  3. Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy: Sunday, March 5, 4:00pm at St Joseph
  4. St Joseph Feast Day: Sunday, March 19, after the 10:30 Mass, in Berg Hall
  5. Roger Nilles Benefit: Saturday, March 25, 5:00pm, at Holy Family Community Center. A chicken dinner and silent auction of gift baskets to benefit the Roger Nilles family.
  6. Be Bold, Be Catholic Mobile Blood Drive: Thursday, March 30, 2:00 to 7:00pm. The mobile donor coach will be parked behind the St Joseph Rectory. Parking will be available in the parking lot next to the playground.
  7. Be Reconciled: Wednesday, April 5, 8:30 – 10:30am at St Mary, Noon – 1:30pm at St Joseph, 5:30-8:00pm at St Joseph, and 6:00-8:00pm at St Mary
  8. Grilled Salmon Dinner: Friday, April 7, 4:30-7:30pm, at Holy Family Community Center
  9. Palm Sunday: April 9
  10. Holy Thursday: April 13, No morning Mass, 5:30pm Mass at St Joseph, 7:00pm Mass at St Mary (Spanish)
  11. Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday: April 14, No morning Mass, 12:10pm at St Joseph, 7:00pm at St Mary (Spanish)
  12. Passion of the Christ Movie: Good Friday, April 14, 3:00pm at Holy Family Community Center
  13. Easter Vigil: Saturday, April 15, No morning Mass, 5:30pm at St Joseph, 7:00pm at St Mary (Spanish)
  14. Easter Sunday: April 16, 8:00am at St Mary, 10:30am at St Joseph, 1:00pm at St Mary (Spanish)
  15. Divine Mercy Sunday: April 23, 1:00-3:00pm Confession with 3:00pm Mass at St Joseph

Events This Lent and Beyond-2017

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New Parish App

St Mary and St Joseph Churches have an App! What is an app? App is short for application. It is a program that is downloaded onto a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet. The parish app is a small program for all smart phones and tablets that allows the parishioners access to better communication, events, payers, and spiritual life.

 We currently have on our app the church bulletins, calendar of events, daily readings, link to our blog site (web site), prayers, contact info, instant messages on events, reminders when it is your weekend to serve at the Mass, information on the sacraments, and a brief introduction of our staff. We hope to add more information for you, such as the weekend homilies, and teachings of the Church.

You can also download the App by the following instructions:

Text oneinfaith1 to 555888 for Apple devices
Text oneinfaith2 to 555888 for Android devices

You can also find the apps using the following links.
Google Play store
iTunes Store

 To stay connected to our parishes, just do a search on the app store of your device. For Android, it is the “Play Store”. For an iPhone or iPad it is the “App Store”. Do a search on the search bar by typing in, “St Joseph and St Mary Parishes”. The parish app should be close to the top on the list. The icon is a blue triangle with an inner triangle that glows in a different color. When you click on that icon, the left side of the Triangle should say “St. Mary’s” and the right side should say “St. Joseph’s”, while the middle glowing part should say “One in Christ”. This is the correct app, so you can tap on the “Install” button. The app should install onto your smart phone or tablet. A similar screen will pop up with a button that says, “Open”. Tap on the “Open” button and the app program will open.


 The services that are current should be in the squares below the circle with the triangle in it. We are working on getting more available to you. One such service is Messages. To keep connected to the community, we suggest you select those areas of communication for which you would like to receive messages for. To do this, you will notice three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the screen. Tap on those lines and a short menu will open. Tap on the “Notifications” tab. These are the selections available for you to receive notifications: Events, Funerals, General, Holiday Mass Schedule, Liturgy Volunteers, Religious Education, Spirituality, and Youth. To turn on or off the notifications for any of the options, simply tap the right side of the screen that corresponds with the service you wish to be notified of. The switch on the screen should turn blue when you turn it on.

 We hope you will enjoy the rest of the app. We will be developing it further and hope to serve you better.

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Trip to Springfield

HB 40 is heating up — it could be called for a vote any day!  If passed, the bill will allow for public funding of abortions, coverage for abortions in state health plans, funding of organizations that perform abortions (like Planned Parenthood), among other things.  We must make our voice heard!

There is an urgent need to meet with legislators in Springfield to personally ask them to “Vote NO” on HB 40. The Diocese of Rockford will be heading to Springfield for a day of lobbying on March 29, 2017: …