Please read this entire page before coming to Mass.

We thank you for your patience as we look forward to fully open and be fully Back in His Presence in union and in cooperation with the state of Illinois. In the most current letter from Bishop Malloy registration for Mass attendance is no longer required. All are strongly encouragrd to sanitize as we sanitize our facilities often and after every event.

You will notice that materials are now permitted to be given out. We will be planning on what materials will be in the pew for your worship aid. We look forward to full choirs for those who feel safe to come and sing with us up in the choir loft. Please think about volunteering. The Holy Water fount will now be kept for your use. Please sanitize your hands before using.

Confessions can now be in the confessional and no longer in the garage. The doors to the church will now be open for people to enter and recieve the sacrament of confession. We may ask to pause after the last person leaves to give us time to quickly sanitize the confesional when there is a line. Tuesday morning confessions will be back in St Mary’s Church, but will be extended till 10am as we have been during this time of COVID.

If it has been a while, you will need to know some things.

Before you arrive

You will want to be prepared so there is no confusion and risks are not increased. To make sure everybody remains healthy, please:

1. Check your temperature; if you have one, please stay at home for 14 days.

2. Stay home if you are ill.

3. Make sure you have masks to bring if you have not had the shot.

To prepare:

1. Missalettes will not be provided, but My Parish App has a worship aid under the “worship” icon on your smart phone.

Front doors welcoming us back

When you get there, you will need to:

1. If you have not recieved the shot, put your mask on properly before you enter and keep it on the entire time you are in the building.

2. You will need to come in the front doors of the church marked with the two small cones on top of the stairs. The doors should be propped open.

3. Sanitize your hands at the entryway.

4. Keep social distancing during the entire event.

5. There will be no collection basket passed, so you can leave donations in a basket near the exits.

During the service

You will need to know that:

* You cannot switch pews.

* There will be no passing the collection basket; instead, there will be a basket at every exit for donations.

* There will be no physical sign of peace.

* Households may be seated together.

* Missalettes will not be provided, but for those with smart phones, they can use the My Parish App for the worship aid under the “Worship” icon.

* Keep social distancing of at least 6 feet, especially at communion time.

* You may exit through any door.

6 feet social distancing for the communion line

After the service

¨ Please leave without undue delay

¨ No congregating or socializing

¨ God bless you