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Religious Education (RE)

Religious Education

Welcome to our Religious Education program. Our faith is the most wonderful thing we can give to our children. Math class helps us solve math problems. Our English classes help us to communicate. Our Faith gets us through life and all its difficulties, keeps us closer to the love of God and empowers us to become the saints we are called to be. We hope your children enjoy learning about our faith.

The books we use are the “Faith and Life” They are challenging enough to help your child grow in faith, but the chapters are concise and to the point. The classes are on Sundays from 9:05 to 10:15am. We scheduled this time for your easy convenience to attend Mass before or after the classes. Homework will be assigned periodically, giving you the opportunity to keep up with what your child is being taught and to ensure they learn the most they can. We hope you take advantage of this web site to further your own education in the faith as well as your child’s. Link to

This is the RE-Registration Form_English 2019-20 and Spanish 2019-20 to sign up your children for the classes

These are the general expectations for parents

These are the requirements of the first communion program

These is the Confirmation Packet 2013

Here is the schedule for the year.

Confrimation Class students are required to go on the Youth Summit with Bishop Malloy. Here is the registration forms:


Link to Prayers

Link to Bible

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