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Aryl Dailey Free Community Lunch

SVDP roundOur next Free Community Lunch will be Saturday, January 18. We will be serving Sloppy Joe sandwiches, chips, cold slaw, fruit and dessert. We will also collect deodorant for men and women, shampoo and chap stick. If you can provide any of these items or fresh fruit or cookies, you may bring them to Berg Hall after 9:00am that morning or contact Mary Koppi at 815-232-4687.  – Society of St Vincent de Paul


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Join the Pilgrimage for Life

KC Shield The Knights of Columbus is sponsoring a Pilgrimage for Life, in honor of the January 22, 1973 Roe v Wade decision. We will be processing from St Joseph Church to the courthouse after the 10:30am Mass on Sunday, January 19. Come and pray with us as we stand in solidarity with those babies who have been aborted.


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Symbolism in the Church #39

s1290035.jpgOn the left side, as you are looking at the altar there is one of the round windows closer to the choir loft that has a heart with the anchor on one side and a cross on the other side of the heart. The heart is depicted as having a fire coming from the top of it, but it is not the full image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The fire depicts God’s love for us in the heart. The anchor on the left side of the heart reminds us of Peter, our first pope, but also the anchor of God’s love for us. It brings peace, comfort and strength in faith when we know how much God was willing to do for us. His love for us is not here today and gone tomorrow. His love is steadfast. It does not depend on how He feels for the day, nor does it go away if we do the wrong thing. His love is an anchor we can depend on in holding us fast so we do not get taken away by the storms of life. Even when we do the wrong thing, He still calls us back and extends His mercy. The anchor wraps its hook around the cross on the right side of the heart. It embraces that cross of mercy for us. The heart, the anchor and the cross are one in Jesus Christ. We really can trust in Him, His mercy and His love. We just might have hope yet. Continue reading

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Domingo del Bautismo del Señor ciclo A 2020

Hoy se acaba el tiempo litúrgico de Navidad; Jesús tiene ya treinta años. Hasta ahora ha vivido una vida socialmente humilde, callada y anónima, como un judío observante y fiel a la Ley de Moisés. Ha sido circuncidado, pero no bautizado. Para los hombres judíos la circuncisión era un rito imprescindible para entrar a formar parte del pueblo de Israel,… Continue reading

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Counting our Blessings at St Mary’s and Doing Our Part

The Good Lord blessed Dolores Shaughnessy and her brother, Father Richter. Father Richter served his retirement here, particularly in St Mary Church. He celebrated the sacraments with reverence and compassion, giving so many people in this community hope and the peace of our Lord Jesus. Continue reading