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Pro-Life Women Deliver Semi-Truck Full of Supplies, $72,000 to the Border

Mary Rezac/CNA
BROWNSVILLE – The heat index in McAllen, Texas was 125 degrees on Saturday, but that did not stop members of the pro-life movement from delivering a semi-truck full of supplies and thousands of dollars in aid to respite centers at the border of the United States and Mexico.
The #BottlestotheBorder campaign, launched by New Wave Feminists in partnership with And Then There Were None (ATTWN), collected more than $120,000 worth of supplies and donated more than $70,000 in aid funding to multiple respite centers, where migrants who…

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Venerable Augustus Tolton Puts Focus on Black Catholic Insight Into Holiness

Peter Jesserer Smith
CHICAGO — Pope Francis’ June 12 decree declaring Father Augustus Tolton “Venerable,” signifying that the priest’s heroic virtues are worthy of honor by the universal Church, struck Jim Coleman as both “unbelievable, yet believable.”
For the past six months, Coleman, an acting veteran of 30 years, has been taking up the role of Father Augustus Tolton for St. Luke Productions. Coleman, who’s immersed himself in Venerable Tolton’s life to prepare for…

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Symbolism in the Church #19

Two other images we have in the back of the Church are some relief work on orange boards. These came from the old high altar. When they took down the old high altar, these were preserved, but it was decided to have them sand blasted for the antique look. It did more damage than good, but we still have them. We had asked about getting them refurbished by a company in Madison that does this. They said they could not do it because there was too much damage. Continue reading

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St Vincent de Paul

In the month of June, through your gifts, the Society of St Vincent de Paul brought the love and care of Jesus to the poor by assisting a single mother with a child with severe asthma. They live in an upstairs apartment without air conditioning. We were able to purchase a small window unit which will supply much needed comfort for this child. In addition, we assisted three adults with emergency housing, one family with rental assistance and two families with utility payments. TOGETHER WE CAN HELP THOSE WHO ARE SUFFERING. THANK YOU!