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Confirmation Students Display Their Saint Projects

Thank you to all Parents, Sponsors, Catechists, Parishioners & Fr. Barr for coming out to support the Confirmation Students on their Saint Projects. The Students did a great job on all their research and presenting of their Saints. Many were asked questions on how and why they chose that particular Saint. Confirmation this year will be Wednesday, January 23, 2019, at 5:30pm at St Mary Church. A special thanks to all that provided the treats. Everyone enjoyed them.

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Roe v. Wade Anniversary

January 22 marks the 46th anniversary of the decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. It is most unfortunate that our justices made the decisions they made, opening the door for more than sixty million babies being killed from abortions in the US alone since that time. But more was at stake than abortion and the lives of babies. The ramifications of what was to follow would devastate America and the whole world. Continue reading

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Knights of Columbus Gifts Checks

Freeport Knights of Columbus got together on December 12 for their annual Potluck Christmas dinner. The KC’s distributed checks from the Tootsie Roll drive in September to Freeport Special Olympics, represented by Anne Schulz, Freeport Park District; Malcom Eaton, Brian Babcock, Marketing; and Presence St. Vincent, Diane Cushman. Fun was had by all and we are looking forward to next year’s fundraiser. Nils Sandstrom and Todd McKenna represented the Knights of Columbus.

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2022: 150 Years of the St Joseph Church Building

It is hard to imagine, in the year 2022, less than four years from now will be the 150-year anniversary of the St Joseph church building. Just ten years after the official founding of St Joseph parish community, the people of the parish built the church we have today. This community has seen a lot of changes in the world since that time: cars, planes, electricity, phones, computers, and space travel. America looks quite different too. From Jesse James, the purchase of major lands from Mexico, to putting an American flag on the moon, a Catholic president and a German pope. Freeport has changed too. Lots of hard work gave way to prosperity. Now we experience the hard times on Freeport and its residents. Families built this church; many are still here, and many are not. Continue reading

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Pope Francis Calls for ‘Renewed and Decisive Approach to Resolving Conflicts’

“Combatting the culture of abuse, the loss of credibility, the resulting bewilderment and confusion, and the discrediting of our mission urgently demands of us a renewed and decisive approach to resolving conflicts,” according to Pope Francis.
His remarks came in a 3600-word letter to the US bishops, who are meeting for a spiritual retreat January 2-8, 2019. The letter, Dated January 1, 2019, was released by the Vatican on January 3.
Preacher to the Papal Household, Capuchin Friar Father Raniero Cantalamessa, O.F.M. Cap., is directing the retreat under the theme of “He appointed Twelve, to be with Him and to Send Out to Preach” based on Mark 3:14. The retreat is taking place at the invitation of Pope Francis who has asked all bishops in the United States to pause in prayer as the Church seeks to respond to the signs of the times.

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Domingo de la Sagrada Familia ciclo C 2018

La Sagrada Familia, la familia formada por José, María y el niño Jesús, es una familia atípica, que se sale del marco normal de lo que los judíos entendían por familia tradicional. También es distinta del modelo de familia que hoy seguimos entendiendo como familia tradicional. Pensemos, más bien, en familias como las de las que nos habla la Biblia con un solo hijo, concebido este de forma milagrosa y excepcional. Todo esto debemos tenerlo en cuenta cuando queremos presentar a la Sagrada Familia, como familia modelo y prototipo de lo que debe ser hoy una familia cristiana. La Sagrada Familia debe ser, para nosotros, no tanto un modelo de familia estructural, al que debamos imitar, sino un modelo de comportamiento individual de cada uno de los miembros de la familia, dentro de la estructura de la familia actual. José supo actuar como un padre solícito, trabajador, comprensivo y humilde; María quiso siempre poner ternura, corazón y mucho amor en las relaciones familiares y, aunque no entendiera muchas cosas de las que pasaban, ella continuaba fiándose de Dios. Jesús supo crecer en estatura, en sabiduría y en gracia ante Dios y los hombres dentro de su familia, sin olvidar que su misión era, antes que cualquier otra cosa, cumplir la voluntad de su Padre, Dios. Cada una de las tres personas que constituían la Sagrada Familia supo actuar con responsabilidad y exquisito respeto ante el comportamiento de los demás. Es en este sentido, como creo yo que deberemos proponer hoy a la Sagrada Familia como modelo de familia cristiana. Es una familia con una estructura familiar especial y distinta a lo que entendemos que debe ser hoy una familia auténticamente cristiana, era, como he dicho al principio, una familia única e irrepetible, pero el comportamiento individual de cada una de las tres personas que componen esta Sagrada Familia sí es un comportamiento ejemplar e imitable por cada uno de los miembros de cualquier familia cristiana de hoy día. Hoy día, quizá más que nunca, hace mucha falta en las relaciones familiares saber valorar la libertad y responsabilidad de cada uno de los miembros de la familia. El amor familiar debe manifestarse siempre con el debido respeto a las peculiaridades y comportamientos de cada cual. Pertenecer a la misma familia ya no supone, como quizá supuso en otros tiempos, tener las mismas ideas religiosas, políticas y sociales. Ni, consecuentemente, los mismos comportamientos. Continue reading