Most of you have probably heard by now that Father Barr is being moved to Iowa to serve another community as he has done for us for over 12 years.

We will be having a farewell party next week to wish Father Barr goodbye and good luck. There will be a collection basket for cards and small last minute farewell gifts. We will have cake and punch (though it is not a meal, so do eat lunch first before attending!) Please note that the bulletin page for this event is out-dated, so refer to the insert attatched for the correct times. This will be corrected for the next edition, so help us spread the right info to anyone who may be confused!


Sunday, June 11, 2023

2:00 to 4:00pm

Holy Family Center

The Blue Nuns will have a special musical performance at 3:00PM

Father Barr has been our pastor for a long time, and he has affected all of us. Not only is he our priest, but also a treasured friend and confidant to many. It is not every day that a church can keep a pastor for so long- so it will also be hard to say goodbye.

Let’s all remember the good he has done for this community.