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Christmas & New Year Mass Schedule

 Christmas Eve – Monday, December 24

  • 3:30pm – Choir Concert with Community Singing
  • 4:00pm – St Joseph Church – Fr. Barr

Christmas Day – Tuesday, December 25

  • 8:00am – St Mary Church – Fr. Barr
  • 10:30am – St Joseph Church – Fr. Barr
  • 1:00pm – St Mary Church (en Español) – Fr. Ricardo

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Prayer of Uniting Suffering With Jesus for St Mary and St Joseph Parishes

Lord Jesus, You willingly suffered a painful death for the sake of my salvation. Today I join my pain with yours—my illness, my loneliness and my heartache as well as my physical suffering; all for the sake of the souls in purgatory and for the Fruitfulness of St Mary and St Joseph Parishes. Send your Holy Spirit on all members of these parishes and those who attend these parishes. Bless them. Bless their ministries, bless all our families and our priests. I also pray that more holy priests and religious will come into your service from these parishes. Have pity on your servant, Lord, listen to my prayer, for to you I lift up my soul. Amen.

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Ladies Guild Christmas Party

The St Mary Ladies Guild will host a Christmas Party on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, at 6:30pm at the Wagner House. All ladies of St Joseph and St Mary are warmly welcomed! We will order from the Wagner House menu. In lieu of a gift exchange, guests may make a donation to the Monthly Aryl Daily Free Lunch at St Joseph. Please RSVP to or 815-650-2299 by November 24, 2017. Come and enjoy a festive evening!

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Parish Fundraisers and the Budget

In most parishes, fundraisers are used for building projects, charity work or other specific causes that may help the services the community brings. They are typically not used for paying the budget because they do not have that capacity. They may help in cutting a deficit, but it is rare to have one get rid of a debt. When it comes to meeting a budget, nothing can replace the general income from the collection basket. Meeting the budget is usually made by the generosity of the people in thanksgiving to God. Fundraisers do help. But we need to realize they cannot fix.

This being said, fundraisers can be a great way to bring the community together. They can be a source of fun and getting to know your neighbor. They can be a way to bring your talents to serve God and others. It takes lots of people to do an event. We have to ask ourselves if we are willing.