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There will be a four-night parish mission at St. Mary beginning Friday, March 16, from 6:30-8:30pm. Topics will be: (1) Prayer (2) Mass (3) Passion Talk/Confession (4) Adoration and Healing. These topics are based on Fr. Larry Richards’ DVDs. Please mark it on your calendars. More information will be forthcoming and posted in the Church Bulletin. Please plan on joining us for these inspiring evenings!

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The Bible: History of the Northern Kingdom of Israel

Isaiah was a prophet before the fall of the northern kingdom of Israel. He prophesied the fall of the northern kingdom in 722 BC. Jeremiah came over 100 years later and served the southern kingdom of Judah. Remember that after King Solomon, his son was foolish and followed after worldly things which caused division of the kingdom that God had established through King David. This set up a constant fighting of the northern kingdom of Israel against the southern kingdom of Judah and vice versa. The kingdom was now divided into at least two. Continue reading

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PEW SURVEY RESULTSfrom the Be Bold Be Catholic (BBBC) Team

BBBC MISSION: We the Catholic parish communities of Freeport, Illinois, commit to bring all souls to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Dear Parishioners:
We, the BBBC Team, thank you for the Pew Survey feedback and your patience. There are currently nine active members under the direction of Fr. Timothy Barr that have been working toward understanding and organizing those results.
As a reminder, there were four questions on the Pew Survey, as follows:
What can your Parish community do to better serve your needs?
• How can your Parish community help you come closer to Jesus’ mercy and love?
• Do you think sharing your time and talent would help you come closer to Jesus? How, or why not?
Are there ministries in which you would like to participate? Circle Yes or No. Please state the name or type of ministry you would like to participate in.
Results/Findings Continue reading

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XII Domingo tiempo ordinario ciclo A 2017

“Una caña que piensa”: Este es el hombre por definición de Blas Pascal. Pero quien escuche nuestras quejas ha de cambiar irremediablemente el texto: “Una caña que tiembla”. Tal es el bagaje de temores que llevamos almacenados en nuestra alforja. Quizás el hombre de las cavernas estrenó su miedo alguna noche tempestuosa, cuando no pudo interpretar los terribles ruidos de la selva. Quiso enseguida eliminar sus temores, se confesó valiente ante sí mismo. Pero a la mañana siguiente comprobó que tener miedo era algo suyo, imprescindible como sus propias extremidades. De ahí en adelante evaluamos nuestra racionalidad y también catalogamos nuestra madurez, sobre la escala de miedos que nos asedian. Continue reading

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The Bible and the Books

The Bible is a collection of many books. We started with the first five books called the Pentateuch. Then come the historical, the wisdom, and the prophetic books. The Bible was not written with this in mind. This is how we organize the books to help us remember what goes where and how to use them. Continue reading

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Fatima Cd

Picture1We have new cd racks in the back of both St Mary and St Joseph Churches. These racks hold cds, books and other materials for you to use. They are free, but a donation is appreciated to cover our costs. These cds and books are for you to help with any need you may have. We now have a couple of volunteers to help us with the upkeep, and maintaining a steady flow of changing things according to the time of year and current needs. If there is anything you may be interested in learning about that may help you in your faith life, please let us know.

For the coming weeks we will be featuring some cds that may interest you at this time of year. Our first feature is on Our Lady of Fatima. I hope you enjoy all these materials. May they help you grow in faith and bring you closer to Jesus our Lord.