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Symbolism in the Church #15

The Divine Mercy image is one of two images that Jesus explicitly said He wanted made of Him. The other image is the Sacred Heart. The Divine Mercy Image is much newer. It was made in the 1930s, whereas the Sacred Heart image was made in the 1600s. The two images have similarities; both images are of the risen Lord. Continue reading

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Symbolism in the Church #16

Looking around, we have quite a few more images of Jesus than what we would first think. The other image we can focus on is the big crucifix up front to the left. Paul Fry’s book states that we got the cross from the Benedictine monks in 1870 when they came and presented a parish mission here (p7). That was two years before the construction of this church building in 1872. Inscriptions on the back side of the wood of the cross even state the date and from whom it was received. It was not until much later, in 1914, that the Body of Jesus was put on the cross to make it a crucifix. It was placed back in the sacristy sometime after 1962. In 2011, we brought it back out so everyone could appreciate it. We did not have to touch it up at all. When we took it down in the sacristy, we noticed the inscriptions of the date and abbreviations of who the cross was from (Benedictines). Continue reading

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Symbolism in the Church #14

Yes, Mary is our Mother. While Jesus was on earth, she was His earthly mother. But now she is our heavenly Mother. She looks on us from above, bringing the heart of her Son Jesus to us. That is why we must take care to honor her as Jesus did. The statue of Our Lady of Grace was refurbished most recently in 2011. John Shippert touched up some paint and put her finger back on. It has been repaired a couple of times. It is a natural habit to want to pick her up by the hands when moving her. That is where this statue typically breaks. During the Month of May, we crown her as our mother, but also as our Queen. She is the Queen Mother as is attested to in Jewish tradition and scripture (Kings 2:17-20, Jer 13:18-20 & 2 Kings 24:12-15). We are baptized into a great family. Jesus invites each and every one of us to participate in such a great family. His Mother is part of that family. Like any mother, there is no replacement. Continue reading

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Blue Mass

Please join the Freeport Knights of Columbus and our Parish communities in honoring our Freeport/Stephenson County and surrounding area first responders on Tuesday night, May 14, for our 5th Annual Blue Mass.

Mass will begin at 5:30pm at St Joseph Church in Freeport. Afterwards, there will be refreshments where you can meet those who put their lives on the line every day to protect all of us! We hope to see all of you there to say thanks to all our local first responders!

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Symbolism in the Church #8

On the far sides of the reredos of the high altar there are certain, what I will call, cut-outs of the wood. These “cut-outs” leave shadows on the wall behind the high altar. These shadows leave an image of three candles on the wall that increase in height as they go in. These are symbolic of the procession of the saints ascending into heaven as they sing their praises to God. They are going up to their heavenly place that has been prepared for them. They are entering the heavenly kingdom. These candles that are depicted on the wall have, above each one, something similar to sparkles. It is as if they are the halos of each person that gets such a high privilege of being with the company of the Holy. Continue reading

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Symbolism in the Church #7

At first glance, we can see that the high altar is a great castle. It symbolizes the great castle that the Father in Heaven has made a room for us to live in when it comes to the last days of our pilgrimage of life. It is a place where we find rest and all that is right and holy. Judging by this castle, it is a place where our Heavenly Father has quite the spread prepared for us. I wonder how much chocolate there will be? Continue reading

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FORMED now Available for our Parishioners

FORMED is a Catholic Service that lets you view many catholic books, audios, Movies and various studies about the Catholic faith. They contain video studies about each of the sacraments, the bible and various Catholic Teachings. Now we have many movies about the saints and audios to listen to on your way to work. Can’t get to bed at night? We have many books you can read about the faith or if you just simply need a source of inspiration, FORMED has it for you.