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Catholic Cemeteries Meeting

A representative of the Office of Catholic Cemeteries will host an informative meeting on Tuesday, October 17, at 2:30pm, in the O’Neill Center at St Thomas Aquinas Church in Freeport, IL. Parishioners of all three Freeport parishes as well as nearby parishes are invited and encouraged to attend. Carol Giambalvo, director of cemeteries, will present a history of the Office of Catholic Cemeteries, its responsibilities as operator of the Diocesan Catholic Cemeteries, management and financing of cemetery operations, and cemetery services and products. She will also discuss the Cemetery Oversight Act, which changed certain cemetery procedures and mandated maps, invoicing procedures, and cemetery authorities. Additional current and future topics include installation of military flagpoles this fall, the need to update records and maps, new area to be developed in Calvary Cemetery, possible cremation area at St Joseph Cemetery, and maintenance issues such as repair of roads, spraying for weeds, adding litter barrels and more. Also, rules and regulations regarding plantings and trimmings of evergreens, use of shepherd hooks, explanation of types of flower vases permitted and proximity to gravestones. A question and answer period will follow the presentation.

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Domingo XXVII Tiempo ordinario ciclo A 2017

El Señor espera que demos frutos de amor. Tanto el profeta Isaías como el evangelio de Mateo utilizan la imagen de la viña para resaltar la relación de Dios con su pueblo. La viña era la casa de Israel. Yahvé la plantó, arregló y preparó con todo esmero para que diera fruto. Derrochó en ella todo su amor. Sólo esperaba de ella una cosa: que diera uvas, el fruto de la vid. En el pacto de la Alianza en el Sinaí quedó claro el compromiso de ambas partes: “vosotros seréis mi pueblo y yo seré vuestro Dios”. El Señor fue fiel, pero el pueblo olvidó su juramento. Dios sólo deseaba que diera frutos de amor, por su propio bien, por su propia felicidad. A pesar de todo, envió a sus mensajeros los profetas (los criados de la parábola) para recordárselo, pero no sólo no les escucharon sino que les apedrearon o les mataron. ¿Qué más podía hacer por su viña que no haya hecho? Lo impensable: envió a su propio hijo. Pero los labradores acabaron con su vida para quedarse con la viña. Continue reading

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100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima

FATIMA COLORCome and honor Our Lady of Fatima by joining the Rosary Crusade to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun on Saturday, October 14. We will meet at St Joseph Church, where a procession begins at 11:45am to the Madonna Renewal Center,1209 S Walnut, or meet us there at noon when the celebration continues.

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Holy Hour and Healing Service

Eucharistic Adoration Holy Hour of Healing Are you hurting? Do you need quiet reflection time? Time alone with Jesus? Join us for an hour of Eucharistic Adoration with a healing service on Friday, October 6, at 5:00pm in St Mary Church.

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Life Chain This Sunday

Come to the Life Chain on October 1 from 12:00 to 1:00 PM this Sunday!  The location is at the corner of Stephenson and West.  

The Aquin High School Pro-life group, PAWS, will sponsor a Life Chain in Freeport, IL.  A dedicated group of Christians gathered at the intersection of Stephenson and West Streets to pray for an end to abortion.
This event is a non-denominational Christ centered effort to bring attention, in our local communities, to the plight of the unborn.  Ask your pastor to encourage everyone to participate in this simple but worthwhile effort to help save babies.
Please pass it on!  Reprint permission granted.

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A question of Faith: Movie

This sounds like it may be a good movie to go see at our local Theatre. The movie starts showing on the 29th of September.

A Question of Faith is a story of love, forgiveness and the power of God’s love. When tragedy strikes three families, their destiny forces them on a path to discover God’s love, grace and mercy as the challenges of their fate could also resurrect their beliefs.

The preview for the film can be found at this link.

Showtimes for the film can be found at