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Symbolism in the Church #11

The third façade in the rotunda in the high altar is for Easter and Christmas season, as well as for Pentecost and Palm Sunday. The red makes it obvious for Palm Sunday and Pentecost. Granted, there is a dove above the Holy Family in the image for ordinary time, but that image is more to remind us that in the ordinary day of family life, the Holy Spirit is always there as our helper and guide, and that we are always to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. That is something different than Pentecost.
In this façade is an interesting combination of images that pulls everything together when we celebrate at these times. In the dome part is a cross above each panel. The red reminds us of the reason why the cross has power; it is Jesus’ blood that was spilt on the cross. Palm Sunday is the day that lead Jesus directly to the cross. The jealousy of the Jewish leaders of the time sealed His fate as the people hailed Him as Messiah and King. The reaction would be swift and strong. Continue reading

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We Benefit from Forgiving Others

God has been so merciful to us. It is so good for us to extend that benefit to others. It brings clarity and purity of mind and heart. It calls heaven down here on earth.

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Symbolism in the Church #10

The façade in the rotunda above the tabernacle was refurbished when we installed this high altar back in the spring of 2011. Great care was taken to get as much of the original design as possible. The façade for ordinary time is the one we could not get to, so we decided to put the image of the Holy family on until we could get to it later. The image of the Holy family was made available to us by the person who restored it for us for free. It was pasted on so that it would come off without having to take a scraper to it, with the intentions of restoring it to the original. Since then, many people have become attached to this image, which makes it harder to let go of. This makes sense, since it is probably the only image a person can see from the pews. So I am not sure we will get around to restoring this façade to the original. Continue reading

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• • • Save the Date! • • •

May 3-6, 2019 will be the next Light of the World Retreat at the Holy Family Community Center. Many of you have been waiting patiently for this event, and the date has finally been set.
This retreat is highly recommended and very effective in evangelization and renewal in our Parishes. If you are still on the fence in regards to attending, pray on it and your prayers will be answered. Watch
the bulletin for more details.