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Bible: Acts of the Apostles #21

As we get near the end of the Acts of the Apostles, we learn more about the shipwreck that Paul experiences (2 Cor 11:25; Acts 27). Even though Paul is held bound as a prisoner, it seems he feels like part of the team to make sure they have safe voyage. Paul does nothing to escape injustice. He has visitors who tell him that everyone will be safe on the ship. Continue reading

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Bible, Acts of the Apostles #20

Within a week after Paul was in the hands of the governor, Ananias was there to make accusations against Paul. He was held in Herod’s praetorium near Caesarea where the governor was. Paul’s accusers gave an eloquent presentation, but nothing of substance. They butter up the governor; they want to cover up their accusation of Paul. The judge, Felix, heard Paul and seemed to favor Paul somewhat. It seems Felix may have been a wise man, but not all pure. He never prosecuted Paul, but was hoping to get a bribe from him. His wife was Jewish, but there is no mention of how she reacted to Paul. Like Herod, who heard John the Baptist, Felix likes to listen to Paul, until Paul talks about God’s judgment. Paul ends up in jail there for two years until Felix dies. Continue reading

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The Strategy of Our Enemies

Some helpful thjings to know in your struggles in faith and temptations. Each Homily is different and adresses different problems you may have. Unfortunately, the recording of the 8am mass failed, but we have the 4pm and 10:30am Homilies recorded.

4pm Mass


10:30am Mass