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JMJ: Consecrating the Home to the Holy Family

Archbishop Fulton Sheen was known to always write JMJ, meaning, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. He had a great love for Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I have not read up on how he acquired his love for them, yet it does not take much to see it.
It does not take much to see why either. Together they make up what we know to be the “Holy Family.” The first J is for Jesus. Jesus is the one human that is also divine. Jesus is God with us. In the context of the family, we would first think of Jesus as a child. Jesus comes to us first as a child. He comes not as someone to judge, but to be held. This God of ours came as somebody vulnerable so that we may experience His love. It is hard to imagine how the all-powerful God chose to come to us in such a fashion. This thinking is far from human thinking. Yet, this is the reality. God has so loved the world, and each and every one of us, that He sent His only begotten Son. Continue reading