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Holy Hour with the Sisters

MonstranceCome to the Holy Hour on Friday, June 16 in St Joseph Church. Exposition will be at 6pm. Confessions will be available during the Holy Hour. Sister Theo will be giving short inspirational talks as you contemplate God’s goodness. All are welcome to join in this adoration of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. It is a great time to get your peace in Christ on your way home from work. Continue reading

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Pope Tells 3 Ways to Know Christ at Morning Mass

Pope Tells 3 Ways to Know Christ at Morning Mass

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Living the Moral Life 67

The moral life is always going to be a pilgrimage we make through our lives. In this pilgrimage, we are not alone. We have each other, but we also have our Father in Heaven helping us along the way. By the very gift of baptism, we can call God our Father (Mt 6:9). Our Father in Heaven is always there for us. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or where we are at, He is always willing to listen. He is never too busy texting or staring at the screen. We have access to His lap 24/7. Continue reading

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Living the Moral Life 58

Spending time in silence before Jesus in the Eucharist can be a very uplifting experience. Most people would not believe it until they try it themselves. Many people have started their journey coming into the Catholic Church by going to Adoration. They sense His presence and something happens. Even though we get so many graces from such an experience, the Eucharist was not meant to just adore by looking at Him. Jesus gives us the Eucharist so that we would take Him into our bodies. Continue reading

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Living the Moral Life 56

God’s grace is also there for us in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. There are primarily two events when Jesus gives us the graces from the Eucharist. First, when we adore Him in the Eucharist and the other is when we receive Him in the Eucharist. But when does He give us those graces? How do we take advantage of those graces?

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Living the Moral Life 53

Our flesh and the world work on the weak spots of our weak intellect since the fall of Adam and Eve and the passions overtaking the intellect. We have a tendency to overindulge in coffee, ice cream, chocolate, money, power, and the list goes on. We also get caught up in the flashy stuff. We might see all the “beautiful people” on TV with all their glittering clothes. We want all the newest gadgets, the finest cars, homes, lawn, and etc. Continue reading