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Be Bold, Be Catholic 5

Some people are afraid of giving a witness because they may think of giving away big dark secrets. This is not what witnessing is about. You only need to give instances that illustrate how you came closer to Jesus. It does make you vulnerable in one sense. People get to know you. They see you as a person. That is good. You simply want to share with them a positive experience of faith. So it is somewhat personal, but not like something that only your best friend or family members would know. There is an appropriateness in witnessing. Continue reading

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Living the Moral Life 60

Matrimony and Holy Orders are also great sacraments of grace for us. In both, Jesus gives us the graces we need to fulfill the vocation that God has called us to. This is where the idea of, “God will not give us something that we cannot handle”, comes in. Some people may say they could never be a religious or priest because they do not have the skills or because they are not holy enough. But who is? God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. He does not call those who are already holy, He calls those to grow in holiness in a particular way He has made us. He gives us the graces we need when we need it. After reflecting on this reality, we may see that it is true from our experience. Continue reading

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Pope’s Easter Vigil Homily

Here is a Vatican translation of the homily Pope Francis delivered at the Easter Vigil.

“Peter ran to the tomb” (Lk 24:12). What thoughts crossed Peter’s mind and stirred his heart as he ran to the tomb? The Gospel tells us that the eleven, including Peter, had not believed the testimony of the women, their Easter proclamation.   Quite the contrary, “these words seemed to them an idle tale” (v. 11). Thus there was doubt in Peter’s heart, together with many other worries: sadness at the death of the beloved Master and disillusionment for having denied him three times during his Passion. …

Pope’s Easter Vigil Homily

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US Declares ISIS Atrocities Genocide

US Declares ISIS Atrocities Genocide