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This Little Girl is Alive Today Because Pro-Life People Were Outside the Abortion Clinic

Yesterday, a mother’s testimony of how she was helped by pro-life counsellors outside an abortion clinic was read out in Parliament. Sir Edward Leigh, Conservative MP for Gainsborough, delivered the testimony of “Kate”, during a debate led by Rupa Huq MP on public order legislation outside “family planning clinics”. …

This Little Girl is Alive Today Because Pro-Life People Were Outside the Abortion Clinic

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Be Bold, Be Catholic 2

Be Bold, Be Catholic has already made a difference here in our parishes. It was the decision of Be Bold, Be Catholic that we have cards in the pews with the responses of the people. In mid-January we plan on taking a very short survey to find out more of what we can do. We are also excited to let the Sleezer Home use the gym at the Holy Family Community Center. It is a great way to witness to the neighborhood and these girls who will use the gym. Continue reading

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Pope Begins Polish Trip With Strong Defense of Unborn

Quick Look: Some of What Pope Francis Has Been Telling the Young People

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Chick-Fil-A and the Correct Response to the Orlando Shooting

I was looking at my Facebook this morning and found an article about Chick Filet and their response to the Orlando shooting. Evidently they decided to offer free food to those who donated blood for the victims. I tried to repost the article with my own comments when I tried to repost it, somehow it refreshed and everything was lost. Did not spend much time trying to find the article due to time constraints, but could not even find it on the internet on my computer. So I decided to rewrite this on the web site. Here are my comments.

Chick-Fil-A’s response is the true Christian response to such a tragedy. These people who’s lives were snuffed out were not just the sum of their sexual preferences. They had their talents  and gifts to offer our society. They brought a light to the world, each one of them, that no one person can replace. They too are a holy and sacred Temple of God. Now the light they bore to the world is gone. It is a time of mourning.

For each person who died are parents, siblings and friends who knew the light they bore most personally. No longer can their full potential of goodness and virtue be realized. For those who mourn their loss, this Christian supports them with his prayers and words as little as they may seem. Jesus loves them and you. May the consolation of the Holy Spirit be with you always.


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Go Fund Me is here! MRC

The Madonna Renewal Center is now excited to announce that we have a Go Fund Me account. We are on our way to more opportunities for those who would like to donate to our cause to help women in need. This is from our beautiful website from Gofundme. It has a great video and explanation of what this campaign is for. …

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Go Fund Me is here!