Divine Mercy Message

As I was trying to make my Holy Hour, I saw the suffering Jesus, who spoke these words to me: My daughter, do not pay so much attention to the vessel of grace as to the grace itself which I give you, because you are not always pleased with the vessel, and then the graces, too, become deficient. I want to guard you from that, and I want you never to pay attention to the vessel in which I send you My grace. Let all the attention of your soul be concentrated on responding to My grace as faithfully as possible (Diary, 1599).

Wisdom Is Better Than Anything This World Can Offer

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Wosdom Is Better Than Anything This World Can Offer

Psalm 19

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Humility is Something To Rejoice In

Saturday 5:30pm Mass

Sunday 8am Mass

Obeying the Ten Commandments is Necessary for Salvation

The Ten Commandments are not just suggestions like the fortune cookies or the exercise machines we never use.

4pm Mass in St Mary Church

8am Mass in St Mary Church