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Living the Moral Life 55

The Devil and the daemons use the world and our flesh to get us to do what they want. They have had many years to plan how they were going to deceive us. They are way smarter than us and more powerful than us, so do not tempt them. But in the grace that God gives us, we are more powerful than them. So how do we access this grace? Continue reading

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Corpus Cristi

8 am Mass

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The Adulterous Woman

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Pope: Let’s Put Confession Back at the Center

Pope Francis today called on pastors to be careful so that schedules and programs don’t inhibit people from approaching the sacrament of confession.

The Pope said this during one of two addresses he gave today on the sacrament of reconciliation.

In the morning, he met with participants in an annual conference sponsored by the Apostolic Penitentiary on the “internal forum,” or confession. Then in the afternoon, he gave a homily at a penitential service in St. Peter’s that began the “24 Hours for the Lord” initiative held now all across the world. …

Pope: Let’s Put Confession Back at the Center

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Scripture Is Begging Us to Reconcile With God, Says Pope

As the Church today marks the beginning of Lent, Pope Francis noted that St. Paul does not merely advise or suggest being reconciled with God. Rather, he pleas for it. …

Scripture Is Begging Us to Reconcile With God, Says Pope