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Mary’s Intercession 100 Years ago Today

Today is the 100 year anniversary of the Miracle of the Son. Praise God!

(Cynthia Saar sings the Ave Maria)

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Pope to Elderly: Power and Looks Are Mythicized; You Must Show What Truly Matters

Pope to Elderly: Power and Looks Are Mythicized; You Must Show What Truly Matters

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Pope’s Letter to Argentina’s Bishops for Feast of St. Cajetan

Pope’s Letter to Argentina’s Bishops for Feast of St. Cajetan

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Honoring Mary “Too Much”?

An Evangelical friend wrote me in the course of an Internet conversation about Catholic piety toward the saints and said, “If some church had set up a statue to John the Baptist, and was sacrificing doves to it, then smashing that idol to rubble would be an act of honor and respect for John, not one of dishonor.” …

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God Bless Those Who Served

Veterans Day 2015- Frank Munda-

God bless the men and women who served and are serving our country.  This is my prayer, not only on this Veterans Day but it should be offered every day.  What would our life be like without those who have served?  And it isn’t just those who so gallantly served in our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard; we should also include those who serve us every day as police officers and firefighters.

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Living the Moral Life 27

Parents are icons of God to their children. What do I mean by that? First: our Heavenly Father chose to be called our Father (Mt 6:9 & Lk 11:2). By teaching us to call God our father, He is defining The Father to us. Jesus would not have us call The Father, “Father”, if He were not really a father. So many of us think that the name father attributed to God is something humanity used to describe God. They think that God is not really Father, but a way to say He is like a father. This is not what Jesus is doing. Jesus is actually defining fatherhood as His Father and therefore all fathers are an imitation of The Father in Heaven. When a child looks up to their father, they are to be reminded of God in heaven and His love for them. Continue reading