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Trinity Sunday: Rejoicing in Knowing Who God Is

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The Bible and the Books

The Bible is a collection of many books. We started with the first five books called the Pentateuch. Then come the historical, the wisdom, and the prophetic books. The Bible was not written with this in mind. This is how we organize the books to help us remember what goes where and how to use them. Continue reading

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Truth in Goodness and Beauty

Truth , goodness and beauty, they go together. Most young adults have an aversion to truth. They experience truth as an instrument to control, manipulation and evil. So how can we see truth as not just logical, but as a good and as something beautiful to behold. When we see Gods ways and laws as an act of love for us, we see it as something beautiful. We benefit from it and so experience it as good. God calls us to follow in His ways and in doing so, we experience His goodness towards us.

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Palm Sunday Homilies

Deacon Paul Ranney at the 10:30am Mass in St Joseph Church.

Fr Barr at the 5:30pm Mass on Saturday Evenig in St Joesph Church