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Truth in Goodness and Beauty

Truth , goodness and beauty, they go together. Most young adults have an aversion to truth. They experience truth as an instrument to control, manipulation and evil. So how can we see truth as not just logical, but as a good and as something beautiful to behold. When we see Gods ways and laws as an act of love for us, we see it as something beautiful. We benefit from it and so experience it as good. God calls us to follow in His ways and in doing so, we experience His goodness towards us.

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Pope Francis: No Research Justifies Killing Human Embryos, Unborn Babies “Precious in the Eyes of God”

With so many unborn babies being aborted every year, it can be easy to forget that countless others are being destroyed while they still are embryos.

Pope Francis drew attention to their plight Thursday in a meeting at the Vatican with researchers and families who are suffering from Huntington’s disease.

The pope urged the researchers to continue their work seeking relief and cures for…

Pope Francis: No Research Justifies Killing Human Embryos, Unborn Babies “Precious in the Eyes of God”

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Living the Moral Life 71

We can get frustrated with the sins we commit. We trip and fall constantly. It would be easy to despair of going to confession for the same old sins every single time. In our despair, we could easily blame God for taking away our freedom. But it is the devil that loves to see us beat ourselves over the head, not Jesus. The devil is our accuser (Rev 12:10); Jesus is our advocate (1 John 2:1).

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Living the Moral Life 70

As we enter the fall political season, it is easy to get caught up into the mere human element of life and forget that God is there. We think about this policy and that policy. We think about the political party of our preference and understanding, and may even think that party has all the answers. We always need to be reminded that it is not the state that saves, but Jesus. Continue reading

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Living the Moral Life 69

When growing in holiness, forming our minds according to reality is of the utmost importance. This is where making sure what we put into our minds does not hinder the truth. Jesus is the Truth and God is the ultimate source of reality and existence (Ex 1 & 2). Science itself gets its reality and all its conclusions from God in His creation. Continue reading

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Living the Moral Life 68

Prayer, faith, and the things of faith not seen, are the driving force of the faith seen. We will be motivated to do works, in so far as we have a relationship with Jesus. If our relationship with Jesus is weak, our works will be weak. If we have a strong relationship with Jesus, our desire to do the will of God will be stronger. How close are you to Jesus? Continue reading