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Just Jesus and Me is a Lie

Fr Barr explains how Jesus came to die on the cross for us, but His ministry was to establish His Church for our good. As the Bible says in Genesis; “It is not good for man to be alone” (2:18). God established His Church to be a means of grace for each other. You are the Body of Christ. You are a means of grace to each other as well as the hierarchy and the sacraments.

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Be Bold, Be Catholic 7

Giving witness to others is noticed in the limelight, but it starts in the recesses of your heart and integrity of life. If we do not love Jesus, it makes it hard to witness to him and ends up being a self-glorification, even when not intended to be that way. If it is not exercised when others are not looking, then all the efforts come to no fruit. This does not mean we must have perfection of life. It means that we really have to rely on God’s grace. Continue reading