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FDA Signs Controversial Contract With Fetal-Tissue Provider

WASHINGTON — Legislators, pro-life groups and ethicists have condemned a new government contract to obtain human tissue from aborted children for use in medical research and in the creation of “humanized mice.”
The Food and Drug Administration signed a $15,900 contract to acquire human fetal tissue for use on mice July 25. The contract was signed with Advanced Bioscience Resources Inc. (ABR), a California based not-for-profit. It is the eighth contract between the FDA and ABR since 2012; seven of the contracts appear to relate to the same or similar programs.
The fetal tissue used in such research is obtained from elective abortions, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service. …

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Pope Francis: No Research Justifies Killing Human Embryos, Unborn Babies “Precious in the Eyes of God”

With so many unborn babies being aborted every year, it can be easy to forget that countless others are being destroyed while they still are embryos.

Pope Francis drew attention to their plight Thursday in a meeting at the Vatican with researchers and families who are suffering from Huntington’s disease.

The pope urged the researchers to continue their work seeking relief and cures for…

Pope Francis: No Research Justifies Killing Human Embryos, Unborn Babies “Precious in the Eyes of God”

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Experiments Were Being Done on Living Babies Back in 1972

ProLifeCorner- 8 – 17 – 2015 –  by Frank Munda-

Every day more and more information is being released about the inhumane and barbaric practices of the abortion industry. As these crimes against humanity are being revealed please bear this in mind. No matter where you are coming from, culturally, politically, religiously, atheist, agnostic or what ever you consider yourself to be, you no longer can claim that you were not aware of what has gone on and is going on behind the walls of the Planned Parenthood killing centers.

The latest information that we are bringing forth is that, back in 1972, they were doing experiments on babies while still alive in their mothers womb. This was one year before Roe versus Wade, so certainly this must have been done by those people with coat hangers in the back alleys that NARAL and Planned Parenthood likes to talk about, right? Sorry- wrong answer,   “The research was funded by the Lalor Foundation in Boston, Massachusetts, the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene, and the Association for Aid of Crippled Children also in New York. The abortions appear to have been done at the Central University Hospital and Borja Womens Hospital in Helsinki, Finland” …