Symbolism in the Church #10

The façade in the rotunda above the tabernacle was refurbished when we installed this high altar back in the spring of 2011. Great care was taken to get as much of the original design as possible. The façade for ordinary time is the one we could not get to, so we decided to put the image of the Holy family on until we could get to it later. The image of the Holy family was made available to us by the person who restored it for us for free. It was pasted on so that it would come off without having to take a scraper to it, with the intentions of restoring it to the original. Since then, many people have become attached to this image, which makes it harder to let go of. This makes sense, since it is probably the only image a person can see from the pews. So I am not sure we will get around to restoring this façade to the original. Continue reading “Symbolism in the Church #10”

2022: 150 Years of the St Joseph Church Building

It is hard to imagine, in the year 2022, less than four years from now will be the 150-year anniversary of the St Joseph church building. Just ten years after the official founding of St Joseph parish community, the people of the parish built the church we have today. This community has seen a lot of changes in the world since that time: cars, planes, electricity, phones, computers, and space travel. America looks quite different too. From Jesse James, the purchase of major lands from Mexico, to putting an American flag on the moon, a Catholic president and a German pope. Freeport has changed too. Lots of hard work gave way to prosperity. Now we experience the hard times on Freeport and its residents. Families built this church; many are still here, and many are not. Continue reading “2022: 150 Years of the St Joseph Church Building”

Our Lady of Fatima Coming Soon

Having Our Lady of Fatima Statue coming here to Freeport is such a blessing! Many graces come with this statue. But what does it mean?
First of all, we have to make it clear that this statue is not what we are worshipping, nor do we worship Mary. When you take a step back and see what the purpose of Our Lady appearing in Fatima was, we find Our Lady is offended because people are no longer worshipping Jesus or following His ways. Sacrilege was a whole way of life. Atheism, with anti-religion thought, was causing so much war, death and persecutions in society, Our Lord Jesus sent Mary to save the souls who were on the verge of Hell. When we look at this fact, we see that Mary is truly leading people to her Son Jesus. She has in her heart the heart of her Son. She illustrates for us that she is really alive – that we are not talking to the dead, but the living (Mk 12:27). Our Lady came as a warning to souls who reject Jesus or are lukewarm to Him. Continue reading “Our Lady of Fatima Coming Soon”