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Think Abortion is Okay in Cases of Rape? Consider This: She Was Conceived in Rape

The so-called “exception” to allow for abortion in the case of rape and incest is an intellectual carve-out Crystal Surbey takes personally. Now a mother of four in Northwest Ohio, Surbey’s mother was just a teenager when she was raped by her own step-father.

Nine months later, Surbey was born. …

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Madonna Renewal Center

The Madonna Renewal Center is the future home for expectant mothers so they may have a warm and nurturing environment to bring their child to birth while they learn how to take care of their child, themselves and give them the ability of being self sufficient.

The Madonna Renewal Center is offering an opportunity for donors to participate in this work of God. They have categorized the donations by rooms of various needs. The chapel has just been done, but there are plenty of these opportunities. Here is how they are broken down.

SUMMARY OF FIRST FLOOR ESTIMATE BY ROOMS. FIRST FLOOR is a General Utility Space for: Prayer, Dining, Consulting, Cooking…

Totals For MAIN HALLWAY …………………………………  $7,386.14

Totals For MECHANICAL ROOM …………………………… $1,764.01

Totals For KITCHEN ………………………………………… $15,763.23 Continue reading

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Alleged Miracle of Blessed Oscar Romero of a Woman and Her Infant in the Uterus

An alleged miracle obtained through the intercession of Blessed Salvadorian Bishop Oscar Romero (1917-1980) will soon be studied by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. It has to do with the inexplicable recovery of a woman, whose life and that of her infant in uterus were threatened by a pregnancy complication. The recognition of this miracle, by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, would open the way to the martyr’s canonization.

The Salvadorian Church concluded its diocesan investigation of this event at the…

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Heartbreaking Ultrasound Shows Dying Twin Baby Holding His Sister’s Hand

Kansas family Ian and Brittani McIntire were heartbroken when doctors told them that one of their unborn twins probably will die before he is born.

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She Took the Abortion Pill, But Months Later Her Baby Survived

Weeks ago, I walked into our crisis pregnancy center and witnessed a miracle. I have been volunteering as a counselor for over 7 years now and never before have I seen this. I was honored to see God’s handiwork up close—watching the face and eyes of the woman who received a redemptive gift. …

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Fascinating Discovery Shows Unborn Baby’s Cells Go to Mom’s Brain and Body

The relationship in pregnancy between a mother and her unborn child is a unique connection, unlike anything else.

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11-Year-Old Bravely Rejected Abortion After Rape, She Has No Regrets 22 Years Later

But what about cases of rape or incest? It’s the ultimate comeback when anyone who supports legal abortions debates the issue with someone who is pro-life. Why sometimes such arguments or debates seems as if they’re taking place in a vacuum with what if figures with no name or face, these situations do exist. And the faces and names of the people who survived abortion are very real. 

Like Jora Trang and her daughter Meggy.

Jora is now a 33-year-old civil rights attorney from San Francisco. But 22 years ago, something horrible happened to her. …