Doubting Sola Scriptura: My Road to Rome, Part 1

Steven D. Greydanus

As a young Evangelical in college, I wasn’t impressed with the Catholic arguments I encountered. On one point, though, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with my own answers either.

Two of the most important books in my journey from Evangelicalism to Catholicism were a pair of older apologetical works — one anti-Catholic and one Catholic — which I found laughably unconvincing when I first encountered them in college some 30 years ago, and which I set out to refute at length. …

The Pope Will Never Change the Definition of Marriage

Oct 5, 2015

Audio and Video

8am Mass at St Mary Church

10:30am Mass at St Joseph Church

Baptism: The Doorway to All Grace

4 pm Mass in St Mary Church

8am Mass in St Mary Church

10:30am Mass in St Joseph Church

Love As the Basis for Authority

The authority of St Peter is not about having the authority to have everybody to serve him. It is an authority to serve others. This is what the Church was established for and strives to do.