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Doubting Sola Scriptura: My Road to Rome, Part 1

Steven D. Greydanus

As a young Evangelical in college, I wasn’t impressed with the Catholic arguments I encountered. On one point, though, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with my own answers either.

Two of the most important books in my journey from Evangelicalism to Catholicism were a pair of older apologetical works — one anti-Catholic and one Catholic — which I found laughably unconvincing when I first encountered them in college some 30 years ago, and which I set out to refute at length. …

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Conscience Vs Law : Fr B. Mullady

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The Story Behind the Pope’s Wooden Crozier

Rome, July 08, 2015

It is not a novelty that Francis’ little symbols and gestures greatly attract people’s attention. At the beginning of his pontificate, it was the pectoral cross or the fact that he himself carried his briefcase on papal flights. This time, in Ecuador, all eyes were on the crozier he is using in Eucharistic celebrations. …