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Living the Moral Life 60

Matrimony and Holy Orders are also great sacraments of grace for us. In both, Jesus gives us the graces we need to fulfill the vocation that God has called us to. This is where the idea of, “God will not give us something that we cannot handle”, comes in. Some people may say they could never be a religious or priest because they do not have the skills or because they are not holy enough. But who is? God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. He does not call those who are already holy, He calls those to grow in holiness in a particular way He has made us. He gives us the graces we need when we need it. After reflecting on this reality, we may see that it is true from our experience. Continue reading

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Living the Moral Life 34

Once we give ourselves in marriage, we no longer have the right to give ourselves again because we are no longer our own property. Genesis says, “They are no longer two, but one flesh” 2:24. Marriage says that you are also the property of each other. Therefore, your original spouse has full rights to what your vows have promised. Jesus reaffirms the Old Testament and goes further, What God has united together, let man not separate.” (Mk 10:9, Mt 19:6) Neither the state nor any religion, including the Catholic Church, has the power to unbind the marriage vows. Continue reading

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Explanation of ‘Rescriptum’ on Annulment Procedures

Msgr. Pio Vito Pinto, dean of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, explained the Holy Father’s Rescriptum ex audientia on the new law for marriage annulment procedures in an article published Friday in “L’Osservatore Romano,” and made available via the Vatican Information Service:

“In the introductory report at the opening of the Ordinary Synod, Cardinal Erdo outlined one of the chief aims of the synodal meeting. Indeed, the general rapporteur stated that by virtue of the sacrament of marriage, the…

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Text of Pope’s Rescriptum Ex Audientia on Implementing New Law on Annulment Proceedings

Pope Francis signed the following Rescriptum ex audientia on the implementation of and compliance with the new law on procedures for the declaration of nullity of marriage on the afternoon of December 7, 2015:
“The entry into force – which happily coincides with the Jubilee of Mercy – of the Apostolic Letters in the form of Motu proprio ‘Mitis Iudex Dominus’ and ‘Mitis et Misericors Iesus’ of 15 August 2015, given to bring justice and mercy on the…

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Living the Moral Life 33

Being married outside of the Catholic Church is a sin for anybody who has been baptized Catholic or has entered the Catholic Church since their entry into the Church. Even if the person no longer practices the faith, it is a mortal sin. Of course, if they are not practicing the faith, they probably are not concerned with adding another mortal sin to the list. However, if that person was to come back into the Church later in life, they would have to confess that sin. Continue reading

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Perversity Harms Children and Perverts Education

In our world of normalized perversion, erotic love is severed from sexual differentiation, marriage is severed from sexual differentiation, sex is severed from marriage, sex is severed from procreation, procreation is severed from marriage, and people are severed from their bodies. What unites all these subversive severances is untethered narcissistic desire. And tragically, normalized perversion is harming children and transforming education into anti-education. …