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Of Courage, Humanae Vitae, and the Martyrdom of Speaking Up

When I got to St. Anthony’s for Mass last Saturday, I noticed the bulletins in the rack had the same cover as the ones at my own parish. “Canonization of Saint Paul VI & Saint Óscar Romero,” they read across the top, “October 14, 2018.” Beneath was a portrait of the two men side by side: Paul with his white papal skullcap (or zucchetto), the bespectacled Archbishop with his episcopal reddish one. …

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Think Abortion is Okay in Cases of Rape? Consider This: She Was Conceived in Rape

The so-called “exception” to allow for abortion in the case of rape and incest is an intellectual carve-out Crystal Surbey takes personally. Now a mother of four in Northwest Ohio, Surbey’s mother was just a teenager when she was raped by her own step-father.

Nine months later, Surbey was born. …

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Be Bold, Be Catholic 7

Giving witness to others is noticed in the limelight, but it starts in the recesses of your heart and integrity of life. If we do not love Jesus, it makes it hard to witness to him and ends up being a self-glorification, even when not intended to be that way. If it is not exercised when others are not looking, then all the efforts come to no fruit. This does not mean we must have perfection of life. It means that we really have to rely on God’s grace. Continue reading

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Be Bold, Be Catholic 5

Some people are afraid of giving a witness because they may think of giving away big dark secrets. This is not what witnessing is about. You only need to give instances that illustrate how you came closer to Jesus. It does make you vulnerable in one sense. People get to know you. They see you as a person. That is good. You simply want to share with them a positive experience of faith. So it is somewhat personal, but not like something that only your best friend or family members would know. There is an appropriateness in witnessing. Continue reading

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Be Bold, Be Catholic 4

Many Catholics are reluctant to witness about their faith. We have an image in our minds of those who go door to door and tell people that they are going to hell unless they come to their church. This is far from what Catholics do. To witness for Jesus is to tell your story of how Jesus has entered into your life and helped you. Continue reading