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Of Courage, Humanae Vitae, and the Martyrdom of Speaking Up

When I got to St. Anthony’s for Mass last Saturday, I noticed the bulletins in the rack had the same cover as the ones at my own parish. “Canonization of Saint Paul VI & Saint Óscar Romero,” they read across the top, “October 14, 2018.” Beneath was a portrait of the two men side by side: Paul with his white papal skullcap (or zucchetto), the bespectacled Archbishop with his episcopal reddish one. …

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Pope’s Morning Homily: ‘Convert Every Day’

Pope’s Morning Homily: ‘Convert Every Day’

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Living the Moral Life 52

When trying to get to our final goal in Heaven, we need to have a plan. We have to do more than avoid sin. Our general plan is to practice virtue. The Catechism says virtue is “A habitual and firm disposition to do the good. The moral virtues are acquired through human effort aided by God’s grace; the theological virtues are gifts of God” (CCC 1803). So a virtue is not acquired by simply doing something once. It needs to be habitual, meaning over and over. It also needs to be a firm disposition. The person needs to be resolved to make the virtue consistent and part of the character of the person. There is a real human effort that is made to practice the good, yet at the same time that person must rely on God’s grace. Though it takes human effort, it takes more than just human effort; it also takes grace. If a child takes out the garbage once, it does not make the act or child virtuous. Neither does it if the child does not do the act with God’s grace and grumbles while taking out the garbage. Virtue also must be whole. That will be coming later. Continue reading

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My Peace I Give To You

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Pope’s Morning Homily: Church Needs ‘Everyday Saints’

Being a ‘saint’ in the everyday, ordinary things is what the Church needs. …

Pope’s Morning Homily: Church Needs ‘Everyday Saints’

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How the ‘Pirate Nun’ Changed a Gay Man’s Life Read more:

IRONDALE, Ala. — Paul Darrow went to his first gay beach when he was 15.

Soon after, he hitchhiked his way to New York, where there was a thriving gay scene and where he could pursue a career in modeling. Once there, he landed a high-end job as an international model and rubbed elbows with celebrities at clubs in the city. …

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