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Want to Learn More About the Bible?

 PaulOf course you do!! We all do!! A Ten Lesson Audio Bible Study Course on the Gospel of Matthew from St. Paul Center will be led by Fr. Timothy J. Barr beginning on Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 10:30am until noon at the Holy Family Community Center. A workbook or Kindle study book is required for the Bible Study. In each class, the audios will be heard during the lesson, and then there will be approximately 30 minutes of study and discussion within your groups to work through chapter questions from the workbook, (which costs approx. $10), or Kindle. If you have any questions or want to sign up and join this Bible Study, please contact Cynthia Saar and/or leave a message for her at (815) 232-7400 by no later than Friday, February 9. Let’s all take this opportunity to understand our Faith better!

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Acts of the Apostles 4

Chapter Eight of the Acts of the Apostles contains the story of the apostle Phillip who converts the Eunuch from Ethiopia. What is a eunuch? A eunuch is one who is castrated because they are to serve the queen. They are men who dedicate their lives to serve the queen of any given country. This eunuch serves the Queen of Ethiopia. Eunuchs are typically very smart and well read. They serve as a sort of ambassador for the queen. They can handle all the money or property, be a legal consultant, or do other tasks that require complete trust. This particular man is in charge of the entire treasury of the queen (8:27). Notice, this eunuch is well read because he is, in fact, reading (8:28). Continue reading

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Living the Mortal Life 64

So far I have only addressed the Traditions established by God. God gave us our worship. The original format God gave us is when Israel was saved from slavery by Egypt. In fact, it was to be a perpetual institution (Ex 12:14 & 17). It even gave the unleavened bread and the sacrificial lamb as part of this worship. But this worship did not end when Jesus came. If it did, God would have given a false message that it was to be perpetual. In the Last Supper, Jesus transforms this sacred meal and sacrifice of the Old Testament into what we have during the Mass today. Continue reading