Our Lady of Fatima Coming Soon

Having Our Lady of Fatima Statue coming here to Freeport is such a blessing! Many graces come with this statue. But what does it mean?
First of all, we have to make it clear that this statue is not what we are worshipping, nor do we worship Mary. When you take a step back and see what the purpose of Our Lady appearing in Fatima was, we find Our Lady is offended because people are no longer worshipping Jesus or following His ways. Sacrilege was a whole way of life. Atheism, with anti-religion thought, was causing so much war, death and persecutions in society, Our Lord Jesus sent Mary to save the souls who were on the verge of Hell. When we look at this fact, we see that Mary is truly leading people to her Son Jesus. She has in her heart the heart of her Son. She illustrates for us that she is really alive – that we are not talking to the dead, but the living (Mk 12:27). Our Lady came as a warning to souls who reject Jesus or are lukewarm to Him.

Miracles have been attributed to this very statue that is coming. To take advantage of these particular graces, it is good to highlight the specific times that may be more conducive to receiving those graces. The first night will be at the Madonna Renewal Center. We will pray the rosary and other prayers that are particular to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. On the next day, Friday, September 28, there will be a Holy Hour and healing service. Anyone who needs any kind of healing is especially invited to come. It can be a need of physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Any type of healing can be asked for. Even those not asking for healing are invited to come. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be there to ask Our Lady to pray to Jesus for help, and He is right there in the Blessed Sacrament.
The Hispanic Community will have an all-night vigil in St Mary Church from 6:00pm to 7:00am that Friday night into Saturday morning. All are welcome to come. They might begin with prayers in Spanish out loud, but you are welcome to pray in silence. After Mass on Saturday morning, there will be an explanation of the statue.
The next time to take advantage of these particular graces is after the 4:00pm Mass in St Joseph Church. There will be an all-night vigil with Our Lady. We will begin with silent prayer immediately following the Mass till 9:00pm. All are welcome to come, even if they are not Catholic. At 9:00pm we will do three hours of reparation prayers, praying the rosary till midnight. After midnight, there will be silent prayer till 7:00am. We will need people to sign up to be in the church with the Statue from 12:00 midnight till 7:00am. It will be just like going to adoration, except you will have time alone with Mary and Jesus in the tabernacle. This might be the more powerful time to be with Our Lady of Fatima, though it will take a sacrifice. Please consider participating in this all-night vigil.
Our Lady will be at all the Mass times on Sunday, and leaves St Mary Church at 3:00pm. You can look at the schedule that is in the bulletin and posted in the church. Please also read about the event of Our Lady of Fatima that happened 101 years ago. All predictions have come true. Even the atheists could not deny what happened that day on October 13, 1917. What an honor and blessing that Our Lady would choose our Parishes to spend so much time here. She knows the healing that we need, and our Mother wants us to come to Jesus to receive it. Praise God.