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We Benefit from Forgiving Others

God has been so merciful to us. It is so good for us to extend that benefit to others. It brings clarity and purity of mind and heart. It calls heaven down here on earth.

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What is Love?

Listen to all three. Each Homily has the same base information, but was persented differently as there is so much to talk about on this issue. Still, there is more about love tha what is presented here.

Saturday 4pm Mass:

Sunday 8am Mass:

Sunday 10:30 Mass: 

There is an appropriate way in which God wants us to share His love for each other, based on the nature of our relationships. Mothers are to love their children in a way that is appropriate for mothers to love their chidren. Priests need to love their people in a way that is appropriate to the way God calls them to love, with chastity. Their is an appropriate way in which men are called to love men. Men are indeed called to love each other; God demands it! But this love is called to be chaste and ccording to God’s plan. … Continue reading

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Filipino Bishops’ Statement on Pornography

A Pastoral Response to the Grave Evil of Pornography

Message of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines
on the occasion of the opening of the
Lenten Season 2016

Our brothers and sisters in Christ:

One of the astonishing revelations of the Gospel is that every human person is created for both human and divine love, because every human person is made for a Triune God who is infinite mercy and love: “God, infinitely perfect and blessed in himself, in a plan of sheer goodness freely created man to make him share in his own blessed life.”[1] This is our great vocation, to enjoy the friendship of God and of our neighbor, whether he is a friend or a stranger, in God. …

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Is Jesus Coming Again?