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Everyday Stewardship

Recognize God In Your Ordinary Moments Life was not always easy with my father when I was growing up. Let’s just say he made many decisions along the way that led to fear, anger, and sadness for my family and me. Unfortunately, I was the only one in the family that would years later truly forgive him for his actions. My mother and sister held onto the resentment and anger they felt all their lives. For my father and me, reconciliation led to several years of a deepening relationship before his passing in 2011.
Forgiveness is not easy and I do not consider myself better or stronger because I was able to forgive and my family members could not. However, I can say that the blessings I received due to forgiveness and a renewed relationship with my father were far better than the animosity experienced by others. I also learned that forgiveness benefited me far more than my father.
As good stewards of time, we must realize that each passing day will never come again. What we do with that time is completely up to us. We can be wise and use it to build bridges, heal wounds, and cultivate love where there is hate. We can also choose to waste time in fear, resentment, and anger. I thank God often for the gift of my dad. However, I thank God more for the gift of time spent with him and the ability to see him not with my human eyes, but with the eyes of Jesus. Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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Citizens Coming Together in Solidarity

In light of the incidents of Racism and violence last weekend in Charlottesville, VA, a city-wide vigil is being organized for this coming Sunday.  The “Vigil Against Hate” will take place at Debate Square on 8/20/2017 beginning at 8:00.

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Living the Moral Life 66

We also have the help of the souls in purgatory and we help them. This is not some belief of the past. There are truly souls that are being put through the refiner’s fire (Mal 3:3). In fact, all people must go through purification. While we are here on earth, Jesus purifies us with truth and love. Purification might hurt, but can be good for us in the same way not getting what we want can be good for us. But how do we know there is a purgation in the afterlife? Continue reading

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Rest With Jesus and Pray

Father Barr was on a Steubenville retreat with young people from the Freeport area.

Father Don Lund was gracious enough to fill-in for Father Barr at the 10:30 Mass on July 17. Father Lund did a great job in tying in last week’s readings, the readings for the 17th and the readings for next week’s liturgy into one meaningful sermon. We hope you enjoy Father Lund’s homily.  Father Barr will be with us next Sunday.

Please enjoy this homily.


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Pope’s Morning Homily: ‘Praying for Our Enemies Can Heal Our Hearts’

Pope’s Morning Homily: ‘Praying for Our Enemies Can Heal Our Hearts’

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Living the Moral Life 40

Forgiving others, for some people, takes determination. Knowing that God demands it is sometimes the only thing that pushes them forward to such virtue. But after working through many emotions such as anger, fear, loss, sadness, resentment, pride and what could be many more, it is worth the prize of peace. We always have to remember the prize that we are striving for. But the peace we win is more than an absence of struggles or pain. It is not just rightness with one person. It is rightness with the world. Continue reading