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EWTN Wins Lawsuit Over HHS Contraception Mandate

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit issued an order Thursday vacating a 2014 district-court decision against the Eternal Word Television Network in its lawsuit against the so-called contraceptive mandate issued by the Department of Health and Human Services. The order follows a settlement between the network and the Department of Justice reached Oct. 5.
Under the terms of the settlement, EWTN will not be required to provide contraception, sterilization or abortifacients through its employee health-care plan.
“This moment has been a long time coming,” said EWTN Chairman and…

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In Democratic Republic of Congo, Bishops Sound the Alarm

The bishops of the Democratic Republic have issued an urgent warning that rising violence and political unrest are threatening the nation with “unraveling and chaos.” The bishops expressed sorrow for “thousands” who have lost their lives in recent months, including many minors enlisted by various militias. The bishops also expressed concern that the crisis might trigger a famine and even the breaking up of the nation.

In Democratic Republic of Congo, Bishops Sound the Alarm

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When Anti-Discrimination Becomes Discriminatory

University campuses are an open forum for free, and sometimes passionate, debate over ideas and culture, right? Not so at…

When Anti-Discrimination Becomes Discriminatory

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Pope’s Morning Homily: Denial of Conscientious Objection Is Persecution

There are two types of persecution against Christians, says Pope Francis: that which makes martyrs and that which could be dubbed “polite persecution.” …

Pope’s Morning Homily: Denial of Conscientious Objection Is Persecution

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US Declares ISIS Atrocities Genocide

US Declares ISIS Atrocities Genocide

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Report: Only Word for ISIS Atrocities Is Genocide

 A major report that makes the case that the terror campaign being waged by ISIS and its affiliates against Christians and other religious minorities meets the definition of genocide was released Thursday at a news conference at the National Press Club by the Knights of Columbus (K of C) and In Defense of Christians (IDC). The report was presented to the US State Department. …

Report: Only Word for ISIS Atrocities Is Genocide

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Canada: Bishops Join With Rabbis to Point Out That Christians Are Now Most Persecuted Religious Group

The bishops of Canada have joined with the Canadian Rabbinic Caucus in writing a joint letter to Stéphane Dion, Minister of Foreign Affairs, regarding the situation of Christians in various countries of the Middle East and Africa. …