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Symbolism in the Church #6

The high altar does not stand alone like the front altar. Most noticeably, it has what is known as the reredos. They are decorations that extend from the back of the altar to help focus on the sacrifice on the altar, the same sacrifice that lives in the tabernacle. Ours here at St Joseph is very rich in symbolism and teaching moments, more than in most I find.
First, the gold reminds us of the majesty of God. It is most evidently a golden palace. How many grandparents take their grandchildren to church here and the kids get it? It’s a great castle! Yes, a great golden castle for Jesus. That is truly where He lives, at the very center, the tabernacle. And in this majestic castle, we are invited to live, too, because in this castle there are many rooms for us (John 14:2-3). Jesus has prepared a room for you. Which room is it? Are you like the foundation or pillars and sturdy? Are you close to the heart of God, in the center? Has God risen you to lofty heights? Or are you by the arms of the reredos, always in His embrace? Or are you by the slain lamb from the long suffering of this life? … Continue reading

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Corpus Cristi

8 am Mass

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St Joseph Feast Day

St. Joseph Church will be celebrating St. Joseph Feast Day on Saturday, March 19, in Berg Hall after the 5:30 Mass.  Cheese and vegetable pizzas, bread sticks, salad, tuna casserole, salmon loaf and drinks will be available.  Call the St. Joseph parish office at 815-232-8271 and make a reservation.  A suggested offering of $5.00 per person will be gratefully accepted at the door.  Please bring your grandchildren and celebrate St. Joseph Feast Day.

Cynthis Saar said this about the St Joseph altar and celebration of our Patron Saint

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Giving and Worship

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Liturgy of the Eucharist Part 35

We end the Our Father with, “but deliver us from evil”. The priest continues, “Deliver us Lord from every evil…” The priest intercedes for the community asking God for mercy. The priest is a kind on Moses before God. Moses would go out to meet the Lord and would come back with a radiant face (Ex 34:35). He saw the glory of God and radiated light. It always makes me wonder what he would see. How glorious is God that just by looking at an image of God, he would glow light? Continue reading