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Mass Times Change

The Mass times change for the Saturday evening Masses will go into effect as of January 20th. The Saturday evening Mass will be at 4pm In St Joseph Church on and after January 20th.

There will no longer be an 8am Mass on Wednesdays in St Mary Church. There is a 9:30am Mass in the Sacred Heart Chapel of Presence Care Center on Wednesdays. All Parishioners are invited to attend.

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FORUM: Meet ‘the Doorkeeper’: Solanus Casey, a Man Without Ego

The 2016 election (more than a year away) has already worn me down. The pundits include the greatest thinkers of our time. I know this because virtually all of the TV and radio commentators, campaign officials, editorial writers, government officials, TV talk show hosts, comedians and, of course the candidates are always saying, “I THINK…this” or I THINK…that.” Those folks sure do a lot of thinking. And I know it must be important thinking because the ones doing all the thinking are doing it on TV, radio, in print or somewhere in cyber-land. It MUST be important, right? Wrong! …

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Online Voting Registration Comes to Illinois!

It is now possible to register to vote online in Illinois. Add to this the recent expansions in early voting, it is now easier than ever for citizens to fulfill their civic responsibility.   While there are legitimate concerns about potential fraud, there is no reason not to take full advantage of this new law. You can do so by visiting the State Board of Elections website.

Unfortunately, despite such ease, voting rates are still alarmingly low particularly among people of faith. It is estimated that only half of self-proclaimed Christians are registered to vote. What is worse, approximately 50 percent of registered Christian voters actually take the time to cast their ballot.  In contrast, research shows that approximately 90 percent of the homosexual community turns out to vote. …