How Important is Abortion?

Holy-Fam-2018Abortion is an uneasy topic for many people. But it is something that must be discussed. It is the number one cause of death of babies in the womb by far. Since the decision of roe vs wade in 1973, there has been more than 60 million deaths in the womb. The statistics show that one third of the population has been aborted. That is one out of three children were aborted! How many of these aborted babies would have been our spouses, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, brothers or sisters? At this rate, I doubt any of us could say that we were not affected. …

There is a great big hole in society because of these missed opportunities and relationships. The Church teaches that we have an obligation to defend to poor, particularly those who have no voice. There is a priority for those in need. The first priority is the right to life. If you are killed, there is no ability to eat, drink, learn or even try to get to America. If you are aborted somebody else determines weather or not your life is worth living. You have no voice.

We are also gearing up for the mid-term elections. Be the voice for those who utterly have no voice. If a candidate cannot recognize the dignity of every human being by allowing life to happen, then the dignity they claim in any other issue is not part of the “seamless garment” of life issues. Without life, nothing else matters; whgat good are other liberties when your life has been snuffed out by the sanctions of those we have elected.

Know what the candidates are saying about this major issue. How welcoming to immigrants can we be when we encourage them to take the lives of their own babies? What do they say about abortion? Know the platforms of the parties. We cannot just vote our party any more. What is their history in supporting abortion? Vote pro-life.