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Pew Survey Next Weekend

Be Bold, Be Catholic will be doing a pew survey next weekend. The purpose of the survey is to help the community of St Joseph and St Mary help serve you and others better. We want the answers to be well thought through so we can make quality decisions. We would not want to make changes that really would not benefit the community. We want your time in answering these questions to be time well worth it. We have such a diversity of people with a diversity of needs that we have not yet been aware of. Please help us be aware of your needs. At the same time, are you willing to help others fulfill their needs? We will need help in serving the people of God. It takes hands, feet, heads and hearts to help Jesus do His work here in Freeport. The plan will be to see what we can do and get up and running the easiest or quickest, and then develop a plan to see what we can do for everything else.


Because we do not want to waste your time or ours, I will be giving you the questions here in this article so you have time to think about what would be truly helpful. Take it home and mull over it for a while, bring it to adoration or pray the rosary about it. The questions we have are as follows: Continue reading

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Pope on Epiphany: ‘Longing for God Shatters Routines, Impels Us to Change’

“Longing for God draws us out of our iron-clad isolation, which makes us think that nothing can change. Longing for God shatters our dreary routines and impels us to make the changes we want and need.”

Pope Francis stressed this in his homily this morning at the Mass for the Solemnity of the Epiphany in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Reflecting on how the Wise Men set out when they saw a star, the Pontiff underscored that this star did not shine just for them, nor “did they have special DNA” to be able to…

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Pope to Prisoners: ‘You Can Open a New Chapter of Your Lives’

Pope to Prisoners: ‘You Can Open a New Chapter of Your Lives’

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God’s Mercy Brings Freedom

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WYD FEATURE: Cardinal Dolan on ‘Great Plagiarists,’ ‘Not 4th of July Fireworks’ and Seismographs

WYD FEATURE: Cardinal Dolan on ‘Great Plagiarists,’ ‘Not 4th of July Fireworks’ and Seismographs