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Cardinal Cupich Warns Against ‘Radical’ Illinois Abortion Bills

One bill would remove many regulations, including a ban on partial-birth abortion; other bill would repeal the state parental-notification law.

Catholic News Agency
CHICAGO — Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago has spoken out against a pair of Illinois abortion bills, calling them a radical and disturbing movement away from the common good.
In a March 23 letter to the people of his archdiocese, Cupich encouraged Catholics to take a stand against the legislation.
One of the bills — introduced as House Bill 2495 and Senate Bill 1942 — “seeks to strip unborn persons of any protection — or even consideration — under the law and declares abortion to be a ‘fundamental right’ and matter of health care,” he warned. …

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Bishop Malloy’s Letter about the new bill introduced in Springfield

This is the letter from Bishop Malloy from Sunday, March 3, 2019:

These are the bills Bishop Malloy is referring to in the state of Illinois: HB 2467 and HB 2495 Continue reading

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Trip to Springfield

HB 40 is heating up — it could be called for a vote any day!  If passed, the bill will allow for public funding of abortions, coverage for abortions in state health plans, funding of organizations that perform abortions (like Planned Parenthood), among other things.  We must make our voice heard!

There is an urgent need to meet with legislators in Springfield to personally ask them to “Vote NO” on HB 40. The Diocese of Rockford will be heading to Springfield for a day of lobbying on March 29, 2017: …

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Bishop Malloy and House Bill 40

Bishop Malloy has asked all Catholics in the diocese to ask their representatives to not support House Bill 40 that would use tax dollars to fund abortions. house-bill-40-english

HB 40.bulletin English.jpg

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Stand Up For Your Faith

The reading this Sunday was from the Gospel of Luke 12:49-53. Jesus really challenges us here to love Him above all else. This may make us a bit uncomfortable. We have a personal responsibility to do what we can and do God’s work. We cannot expect other faiths to be there. They do not have the unity that Jesus gave us. They are divided on many issues and so do not have the ability to be united as one body to defend the poor and less fortunate. We are united only by the grace of God. We ourselves are divided in many ways too, but Jesus gave us the Pope and the Magisterium that is guided by the Holy Spirit. Only because the Pope and Magisterium are guided by the Holy Spirit can we be united. If one were to deny this, they choose to not be united with the Catholic Church.

We do what we can as Catholics. We need to address many issues that apparently is not being addressed in the secular media. These are ideas that are laying claim to our children and their future. One such issue that Fr Barr addressed is what he called the “bathroom issue”. What is that all about? Here are some links to follow:

Here are some links about some of the Life issues the Church is so concerned about:

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Fr. Barr’s Recipe for Heaven

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Fr. Barr’s Recipe for Heaven

The not-so-secret way to Heaven is all spelled out here in this video. But if you one of those types who want to collect the ingredients before you use them, here they are, all eight items mentioned:
#1 – First and foremost – Obey the Ten Commandments;
#2 – Be reconciled with God through (a) DAILY examination of conscience; and (b) MONTHLY confession;
#3 – Pray a lot – prayers known by heart – prayers that you make up on the fly
#4 – Be reconciled with friends, family, and – yes – even your enemies
#5 – Receive anointing sacrament from a priest – this could be before surgery or any major medical procedure, but especially as you are approaching your last days on earth
#6 – Gain plenary indulgences (see Catechism of the Catholic Church at 1471)
#7 – “Offer it up” offering your suffering (big and small) to God as a sacrifice with a specific intention
#8 – Remember: Heaven is a gift and TRUST that God wants to give it to you!

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