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Domingo IV de Cuaresma ciclo B 2018

Dios es amor y salva por amor. Dios padre envió a su Hijo al mundo para salvar al mundo, no para condenarlo, porque es un Dios amor. Creer en Cristo supone creer en un Dios amor, en un Dios que quiere salvar, no condenar. Naturalmente, esto no quiere decir que todos estemos salvados, independientemente de las obras que hagamos. Para que Dios pueda salvarnos, nosotros debemos creer en el Dios amor y, guiados por la luz de este Dios amor, hacer obras de amor. Es el mismo Cristo el que nos dice que, si detestamos la luz y nuestras obras son malas, Dios no podrá salvarnos, porque serán nuestras malas obras las que nos condenen. Creer en Cristo es dejarse guiar por su luz, es decir tratar de vivir como él vivió, haciendo obras buenas, obras de amor. La vida de un cristiano será verdaderamente cristiana si hace obras buenas, obras de amor. Donde no hay amor no hay cristianismo y donde hay auténtico amor hay auténtico cristianismo. Creer en Cristo no es una simple afirmación teórica, es un compromiso de vida, un propósito continuo de vivir dirigidos por la luz de Cristo, de vivir en el amor de Cristo, practicando obras de amor. Y ya sabemos que el amor de Cristo se verifica en el amor al prójimo, porque si decimos que amamos a Dios, pero no amamos al prójimo, somos unos mentirosos. Continue reading

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Reminder for Voting This Weekend

A reminder that we will be voting on the new Saturday evening Mass times and location. Here is the information on why and what we will vote on.

This is the full transcript of what was presented at all the Masses last weekend. I do know that many people will be concerned as if the Diocese will close down St Mary Church. At this time I have had no mention of this by the Diocese of Rockford.

We always give thanks to God for all the graces He has bestowed upon us. I am always grateful for the roof over our heads, the food we eat and the families and friends that support us. I also pray for those who go without the blessings we have. How blessed we are! Continue reading

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St Mary Christmas Flowers

Did you know the spiritual benefits of the flowers can go to a person of your choosing when you order your Christmas flowers? The decorations for Christmas benefit many who come here for the Christmas season. It inspires people in faith. The gratitude Jesus has for your gift can go towards the person of your choosing. What a great way to give twice. It is a great way to give to those who are no longer with us.

To order your Christmas Flowers look for the order form insert in the bulletin this week. There will also be forms left at the back of the church. Please have your orders turned in by December 12!

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One-Day Parish Mission

St Mary and St Joseph Parishes will be having a one-day parish mission on Sunday evening, March 13 at 5:30pm in St Joseph Church.

Fr David Peck will be the speaker. Fr Peck is a compassionate priest who has a true love for Jesus and His people. He will be giving a reflection on forgiveness.

Fr Peck is from St John Newman Church in St Charles, IL. This is the same parish that gave $10,000 to help St Mary Church pay off some debt. We are so grateful for Fr Peck’s and St John Newman’s support.

This event will fulfill the requirements for parents who have children receiving their first communion this year.

Here is Fr Peck’s  web site.

For his biography click: 

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Sacramental Policy

One of my privileges of being a pastor is getting to know the people of the parish. We have such a diversity of people and cultures; I find it fascinating to hear the stories from them all. Everyone is so precious in God’s eyes and this reality never escapes me. In the time that I have been here, I have gotten to know some people well, but not all. This is my own fault. I need to get to know the rest of you better. In order to do this, I will be involved in all sacraments, especially marriage and baptism. Diocesan Policy requires you to get my permission to use another priest.  I will be conducting the preparation work for all weddings and baptisms, even when I allow another priest to celebrate the sacraments.

One way for me to get to know you better would be to have me bless your home. I am always available after Mass and would love to talk with you and give you a blessing. I look forward to getting to know more of you and offer my prayers for you. God bless you!