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Genesis to Jesus Bible Study During Lent

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology is offering a FREE video Bible Study this coming Lent 2019 titled: Genesis to Jesus!
This program usually is not offered free, and it originates from St. Paul University Steubenville with Dr. Scott Hahn and multiple theologians. This study presents the whole sweep of salvation history, and helps you make sense of the Bible, literally.

If you have internet, you may register by contacting and have it streamed into your homes.

We will also be studying and discussing Genesis to Jesus during our Saturday morning bible study beginning on March 2 at 10:30am in the Holy Family Community Center. This will be led by Fr. Barr and Joanie Williams. Please feel free to join us as we journey through Lent together.

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In Address to Catechists, Pope Points Out 1st Lesson of Faith

In Address to Catechists, Pope Points Out 1st Lesson of Faith

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Interview With Grand Imam of al-Azhar

Interview With Grand Imam of al-Azhar

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Living the Moral Life 51

A couple articles ago we went through the object of the act, the intentions and circumstances. The object of the act answers primarily the question: Is this act good or bad? Killing somebody is a bad act and can never be made into a good act. However, piety is a good act, but still can have a lack of goodness in it by doing the act with pride. The intentions and circumstances answer the other question: How responsible am I in the act (culpability)? They also help us to discern if the act has a lack of goodness. The intention of    pride makes a lack of goodness in the act of piety. (Lk 18:7-14 & Rom 3:8) Continue reading

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Living the Moral Life 50

A venial sin is an offense against God that does not take you out of a relationship with God (1 John 5:16 & 17 and James 1:14 & 15). In a certain way, it is a step away from God, rather than stepping out the door of God’s house. It may not be a hatred of God, but it surely is not an act of love. God is still offended by the act. It will affect how long we may spend in purgatory. Purgatory is time spent suffering while we are being purified before we can get to heaven. Though typically committing venial sins does not get us into hell, they do make us suffer unnecessarily in the afterlife. That is one of the reasons why we should take venial sins seriously. Continue reading

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Living a Moral Life 46

When going to confession, we must confess all mortal sins that we are aware of. Again, this is just basic in relationships. If a spouse physically abuses and hides money from the other spouse, but will only say they are sorry for being physically abusive, what good is it? Both do mortal damage to the relationship. So it is with our relationship with God. We have to come clean. One thing that allows us to come clean is that God is so merciful with us. He does not use all this information to hurt us. Continue reading