Symbolism in the Church #23

A Holy Water font stands next to the side entrance to the left as you are looking at the altar. It is a stainless-steel container that holds water that has been blessed by a priest. To bless the water, all the priest has to do is make the sign of the cross over the water. I use the old rite of blessing the water, which also includes the blessing of salt. The blessing states, “let no breath of contagion hover there…By the sprinkling of this water may everything opposed to the safety and peace of the occupants of these homes be banished…” So the prayers over this water are for the health of anybody who may be blessed by it, is sprinkled with it, or even ingests it. It is not for a person to drink like any other water. One may drink it when under great temptations, deep anxiety, or in need of spiritual defense. Only a sip is needed. You can bless yourself or others with it. It is encouraged for the family to bless each other at night before you go to bed. Before you go into places with high stress, bless yourself with holy water. You can sprinkle it in your home, work or any place. It is a very powerful tool to have at hand in your daily struggles. Carry it in your purse, have it in your car, and it is Catholic custom to have a holy water font in every room of the house. Continue reading “Symbolism in the Church #23”