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St Mary Debt Elimination 2

As we prepare for the Debt Elimination Campaign, it is important not to be so obsessed with the money that we do not do anything about our spiritual life. The most important thing is that we serve others, because that is what parishes do. Jesus gave us the command to, “go and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19). We have to challenge ourselves if that is what we are doing. Continue reading

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St Mary Church Debt Elimination

I know many people have questions about the money situation for St Mary Church. St Mary Church currently has a debt of about $237,000. Because we do not make enough to pay our bills, we are looking at a deeper debt by next July. Some parishioners have come together with me to start a debt elimination strategy. Debt does not go away by itself; there must be a plan, and we need everyone to help. Continue reading

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Parish Fundraisers and the Budget

In most parishes, fundraisers are used for building projects, charity work or other specific causes that may help the services the community brings. They are typically not used for paying the budget because they do not have that capacity. They may help in cutting a deficit, but it is rare to have one get rid of a debt. When it comes to meeting a budget, nothing can replace the general income from the collection basket. Meeting the budget is usually made by the generosity of the people in thanksgiving to God. Fundraisers do help. But we need to realize they cannot fix.

This being said, fundraisers can be a great way to bring the community together. They can be a source of fun and getting to know your neighbor. They can be a way to bring your talents to serve God and others. It takes lots of people to do an event. We have to ask ourselves if we are willing.