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Holy Hour and Healing Service

Eucharistic Adoration Holy Hour of Healing Are you hurting? Do you need quiet reflection time? Time alone with Jesus? Join us for an hour of Eucharistic Adoration with a healing service on Friday, October 6, at 5:00pm in St Mary Church.

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Living the Moral Life 61

As Catholics, we have many weapons to protect us from evil, but we also have many tools to help grow in our relationship with God, and therefore, grow in holiness. We already discovered how some of the sacraments help us, but we have a plethora of sacramentals, holy traditions, prayers, devotions, angels, saints and the souls in purgatory. God has given them to us to use and grow closer to. First we will look at the sacramentals. Continue reading

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Our Little Daughter Was Blessed by the Pope, It’s a Miracle’

Whatever might happen in little Lizzy Myers’ life, today something happened that has all the characteristics of a miracle. Visibly moved were her mother Christine and father Steve, after their Lizzy was able to crown their dream: to come to Rome to meet Pope Francis.  …

‘Our Little Daughter Was Blessed by the Pope, It’s a Miracle’

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St Francis and the Blessing of Animals

It is no hidden thing that St Francis loved animals. He treated all Gods’ creatures with respect and love because God loves them all. All animals have a purpose and St Francis saw himself as in harmony with all of them. God created animals out of love, too. Humanity was to name them and take care of them. It was all part of God’s plan that the dominion humanity was to have over animals was to be that of care.

He also gave us animals as a blessing to us. We do not have to look far to find the companionship they offer us. God is so good to us to give them for our good. So we ask God to bless them as they continue to be a blessing to us. October 4 is the feast day of St Francis. This is the day that we traditionally get our animals blessed. There will be a special blessing for our pets after the 10:30 Mass on Sunday, October 4, at St Joseph Church, in the parking lot between the church and the school. The blessing will be at noon. Come with the wagging tails, purrs and any other noises your pets may make and get them blessed. If you cannot get them there or think they would not do well around all the other animals, you can call the office for Fr. Barr to come to your home and bless them.