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Novena to the Holy Spirit Begins Today

We begin the Novena to the Holy Spirit asking for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Novena will be leading up to Pentecost Sunday, which is the day the Apostles were given the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit empowered the Apostles to preach the Good News, to heal physical ailments, to raise the dead and to baptize thousands into the Church Jesus founded.

The Holy Spirit has given Himself to all those who have been baptized. This novena is a great way to renew that gift in you. Ask Him to live in you anew.

A limited amount of Novena booklets are on the heat registers in St Joseph Church. Or you can go on this link for the Novena:

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Living the Moral Life 43

Now that we have gone over actions that are by nature bad and good (“Object” of the act), we can also see that there are some actions that are neutral. The classic example from St Thomas Aquinas is scratching a beard. Scratching a beard has no moral implication at all. However, there may be implications of morals when we look at the circumstances or intent. But we will get to that later. It seems humans get pretty crafty in their sins and St Thomas Aquinas knows just about every scenario humans have made up. Continue reading

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How to Deal With Temptations