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The Diocese of Rockford Vocation Office is Sponsoring our Annual Spring Nun Run

The Vocation Office will be hosting a vocational discernment “Nun Run” for women 18 years of age, college age and older who are interested in a religious vocation. We will be visiting Sisters and Nuns of different orders with different apostolates, this will include talks on discernment and religious life, time in prayer with our Lord, as well as many opportunities to meet, share and pray with the sisters. We will be visiting various religious communities, in Indiana and Kentucky. Cost is only $90.00. Date of the trip will be March 8 – 12, 2019. Deadline for registration is February 22, 2019, space is limited. You can contact the Vocation Office at 815/399-4300 ext. 375, our web-site Women or for more information.

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Living the Moral Life 25

The third Commandment says, “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day”. (Ex 20:8) It does not say, “Keep holy thy family day” Or “Keep holy thy football day”. Neither does it say, “Keep holy thy worship hour, or forty-five minutes if you can spare”. Sunday is to be a day of worship. Work should not be part of it. Doing so would be a mortal sin. Jesus was willing to die on the cross for us and be present in the worship we celebrate. We should be willing to set aside one day for Him. It just may be the effort you make that can change the hearts of others that see you make that sacrifice. Continue reading