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God’s Mercy Brings Freedom

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Is Marijuana Really intended for Medical Use Only In Illinois?

We need to challenge our Politicians to put a stop to the full legalization of Marijuana. Please read what the Illinois Family Institute has to say about this problem. Please pray that our Lord Jesus prevent this atrocity from happening.

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Slow Down

I am sure we have all heard about the marijuana plantations going up all over in Illinois, and especially in Freeport. There seems to be a rush to get everything up and going, but maybe we should really look at what the effects of something like this will be. The Church does not teach that marijuana is an intrinsic evil, but it is a mind altering drug. It should be treated with great care. Continue reading

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Gov. John Hickenlooper: It Was ‘Reckless’ For Colorado To Legalize Marijuana

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D), a vocal opponent of his state’s legalization of marijuana, said Monday that recreational marijuana laws are “reckless.”

Hickenlooper was asked during a gubernatorial debate about other state governors who may be considering legalizing marijuana.

“I would view it as reckless before we see what the consequences are” in Colorado, Hickenlooper said, International Business Times reported. His Republican challenger, Bob Beauprez, agreed with the “reckless” characterization, according to Politico….

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Pope Francis Condemns Murder of Mexican Priest

Rome, December 29, 2014

Pope Francis denounced the murder of a priest who was killed by a local drug cartel in the city of Altamirano, located the Mexican state of Guerrero, and found dead on Christmas Day. …

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Pope’s Anti-Drug Call: Say No, Simply, to All Its Forms

Vatican City, June 20, 2014

Pope Francis says drugs are a serious and complex “evil” plaguing our society, which must be combatted, without fail or compromise.

The Holy Father said this when he addressed today participants in the 31st International Conference on combatting drugs, which was held in Rome this Tuesday through Thursday.

The Pope reminded them that as Christians, we are called to help those in need, including those who have fallen into “the spiral of drugs.” …