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How to Deal With Temptations

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Living the Moral Life 18

Many people in the past have treated the passions as an evil. Whenever a show of passions would come out, they thought they were sinning. But our passions were given to us by God. They are an essential of our being. However, we have to put them in the rightful place. Our passions were not meant to find the truth or be the sole base to discern what to do. This is what the addictions are all about. People in general get addicted because they do what they want, following their passions. This is why many people were afraid of them and became more stoic. Continue reading

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Pope’s Anti-Drug Call: Say No, Simply, to All Its Forms

Vatican City, June 20, 2014

Pope Francis says drugs are a serious and complex “evil” plaguing our society, which must be combatted, without fail or compromise.

The Holy Father said this when he addressed today participants in the 31st International Conference on combatting drugs, which was held in Rome this Tuesday through Thursday.

The Pope reminded them that as Christians, we are called to help those in need, including those who have fallen into “the spiral of drugs.” …