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Fujimori Re-Imprisonment and Peru’s Forgotten Forced-Sterilization Program

In an age when the #MeToo movement has increased the sensitivity toward the rights of women, many would be shocked to realize that a U.S. government agency and the U.N. Population Fund encouraged and financed a program of forced sterilizations in Peru during the 1990s. …

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Defend Life and Holy Mother Church

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Living the Moral Life 53

Our flesh and the world work on the weak spots of our weak intellect since the fall of Adam and Eve and the passions overtaking the intellect. We have a tendency to overindulge in coffee, ice cream, chocolate, money, power, and the list goes on. We also get caught up in the flashy stuff. We might see all the “beautiful people” on TV with all their glittering clothes. We want all the newest gadgets, the finest cars, homes, lawn, and etc. Continue reading

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Pope’s Morning Homily: Denial of Conscientious Objection Is Persecution

There are two types of persecution against Christians, says Pope Francis: that which makes martyrs and that which could be dubbed “polite persecution.” …

Pope’s Morning Homily: Denial of Conscientious Objection Is Persecution

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Insidious Pro-Abortion Bill in Springfield

Another anti-family abortion-related bill, HB 887 (Amendment 1), passed out of the House Human Services Committee yesterday – the same committee that killed common-sense pro-life bills and a bill to protect students’ privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms (HB 4474), to name just a few. …

Insidious Pro-Abortion Bill in Springfield