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International Appeal

Thank you to all who brought their envelopes with them this weekend to donate to the Diocesan International Appeal. If you forgot yours, you can still bring it next weekend and place it in the offering basket. If you did not receive an envelope in the mail, there are a few available in the back of church. Thank you for your generosity!!

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Living the Moral Life 40

Forgiving others, for some people, takes determination. Knowing that God demands it is sometimes the only thing that pushes them forward to such virtue. But after working through many emotions such as anger, fear, loss, sadness, resentment, pride and what could be many more, it is worth the prize of peace. We always have to remember the prize that we are striving for. But the peace we win is more than an absence of struggles or pain. It is not just rightness with one person. It is rightness with the world. Continue reading

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Pope’s Pentecost Homily

Vatican City, May 24, 2015     

“As the Father has sent me, even so I send you… Receive the Holy Spirit” (Jn 20:21-22). The gift of the Spirit on the evening of the Resurrection took place once again on the day of Pentecost, intensified this time by extraordinary outward signs. On the evening of Easter, Jesus appeared to the Apostles and breathed on them his Spirit (cf. Jn 20:22); on the morning of Pentecost the…–2?utm_campaign=dailyhtml&utm_medium=email&utm_source=dispatch